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  1. prenurse0902


    Hey everyone!! I am taking Nutrition online. It is a little harder than I thought it would be. I guess it's just because some of it I find kinda......boring! So it then makes it hard to wanna read it and I didn't do too well on the first test. Does anybody have any advise?? Has anyone else taken this class?? Nicole
  2. prenurse0902

    Stupid Question

    Thanks for your help. Now I know. I will look at upgrading possible to premium. Thanks a bunch :thankya: Nicole
  3. prenurse0902

    Stupid Question

    Hi I have a stupid question. How are you guys all able to put quotes at the end of you threads. If someone could explain to me that would be WONDERFUL!!! I know it has nothing to do with school. Mine doesn't start until tuesday the 23rd. Thank you Nicole
  4. prenurse0902

    A&P I: Fall '05 Anatomy & Physiology Club

    Hi everyone!!! I just wanted introduce myself. I'm starting AandP 1 this semester also. Along with food and nutristion, deve. psyc and a math class! So my plat is pretty full . Two of them are online though. Good luck to everyone!!! Nicole
  5. prenurse0902

    Starting Pre-Nursing in August!

    Good luck with them! I work full time also and just started taking some of my prereqs and they are all full time also. I'm going to be taking A&P 1, Devel. Psych, Nutrition, and a math class. So you see I gotta heavy load too. I'm going to be a very busy girl
  6. prenurse0902

    Roll Call Fall '05, Pre-nursing for RN program

    I start pre nursing courses this fall!!! I will be taking A&P 1, devel. psych, nutrition, and math! Kinda nervous about the work since i have been out of school for 2 years but i'm excited also!!! Maybe some people will want to start an A&P 1 thread so we can help each other out! Oh, also i'm going to Seminole Community College in Oviedo, Florida. Nicole :)
  7. prenurse0902

    Started Volunteering in the ER on Monday

    I work at the ER as a unit secretary. It's awesome I LOVE IT!!! i feel sometimes like i'm on the show ER. Where I work we are the only level 1 trauma center in central florida so it's great. We have our own air care trauma team and everything. It's so great. I just started the job in April to get my foot in the door and when my 90 days is up I will be able to pick up some shirts as a tech too! I'm so excited! So good luck it's the best in the ER! Nicole
  8. prenurse0902

    New Student!!!

    Thank you everyone for your help. It has really helped me out soooo much!! Thank you for the info on the NET test also!! Someone had said something about they got a study guide? Where did you find this at? Is there anything on the computer you can download?? But thanks again. I have decided just to take AandP 1 by itself. I will see how well that goes and if it goes really good then next semester i will take AandP 2 and micro together. But this semester i will just take 1 science, humanities, dev psy, and my algebra class i have to take. I heard that there are really long waiting list to get into the nursing programs. What does everyone do in the mean time waiting to get in? I was just wondering about that. thanks again nicole
  9. prenurse0902

    New Student!!!

    Thanks for the advice. I won't take them together, I will spread them out!! I don't want to overwhelm myself and get myself all stressed out and quit or something. Thanks!
  10. prenurse0902

    New Student!!!

    Well I have never taken chemistry before so I do not know how hard it is. The only science class I have ever taken is General Biology so all of these science classes will be new for me.
  11. prenurse0902

    New Student!!!

    Thanks for your help. I have to take chemistry also, which would be a better science class with a lab to take that with? I was thinking A & P 2 cause I heard A & P 1 and micro were harder than A & P 2. Thanks!
  12. prenurse0902

    New Student!!!

    Hi! I'm just starting some of my prereq's towards my nursing degree. I still have to take A&P1 and 2 and micro. Any tips for me on scheduling? Is harder if I take micro with A&P1 or should I take it by itself or with less difficult classes. Any one have any tips to getting starting on this lovely road!! :-) I'm a little nervous! So all the help I can get would be great! If anyone has taken the NET test do you have any tips on that? Thanks!
  13. prenurse0902

    Useful sites for pre-nursing AND nursing students

    Hi, I am taking my prereq courses right now toward the nursing program at my school. I am going to be taking the NET test this fall. Could anyone who has already taken the test help me with what might be on the test? I am also kinda nervous of the classes I have to take. How hard is microbiology, a & p, and chemistry? Does anyone have any easy suggestions on how I should schedule taking my classes? I was going to take micro, A&P, a math class, and devel psych next semester. Is that smart of me or is that way too much work then I should do right now? Thank you!! Nicole
  14. prenurse0902

    INterested in CRNA

    Thank you so much! Very helpful.
  15. prenurse0902

    INterested in CRNA

    Hi I'm a student working on my prereq's towards the nursing program at my school. I have a always been interested in being a nurse anesthetist. Can someone give me a little information about it? Like what school wise do I need to do? How do I find a school that offers it? Thank you for your help!! Nicole :)
  16. prenurse0902

    Are CRNAs in high demand?

    I am still doing my prereq's towards nursing school and I'm interest in becomint a CRNA. Any helpful tips? What all do I have to do to become a CRNA? How do I find a school in my area that offers a program for it? Thank you Nicole