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Suivezmoi89 has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. I figure this was more a question for people with experience in this field who have some space to look back on their schooling. I was hoping to pick y'all's brain about what you think was really great about your training, what you wished you had seen/done, and guidance about what's most important in a program. I've been looking into schools and it seems like there are a million opinions about what makes a "good" one.The amount of schools as options is a little daunting since I'm willing to move whenever for school and only have myself to consider. There's the US News rankings, which some people have said to disregard entirely. A few things have said to look at "first time pass rates" and the percentage that have jobs after. Other things I've read say to look at amount of clinical sites and if you're in competition with medical residents for cases. Another site said to just find the most affordable one and overall they're all the same (this doesn't seem likely though). I guess I'm just wondering now that you're working what kind of things do you think are valuable in a program? If you want background on me before responding: -CVICU nurse of 3 years (it'll probably be 4.5 before I apply) dealing with ECMO and heart and lung transplants -Willing to move whatever, though currently in LA -4.0 nursing GPA and 3.65 overall -Plan to spend the next 3 months studying for the GRE so I'll have some competitive scores.
  2. Suivezmoi89

    Admission weight vs Daily weight for FICK?

    So at my previous hospital we had tons of really sick hearts, and generally for CO/CI calculation we did FICKs or a continuous monitor. For our FICKs we had a specific formula that requested the daily weight, and then the answer (CO) was divided by the BSA to get the CI. At this new hospital they mostly do thermodilution, but have started using FICKs, everyone is telling me that they use the admission weight and BSA for all calculations, never the daily. Was just curious what y'all's hospitals did. Updated daily weights and BSA were such a big deal for FICK calculations at my old hospital, it's bizarre to see people so adamant about the opposite. (They obviously get daily weights, just don't use them for their CO/CI calculation)
  3. Suivezmoi89

    USC Keck

    I ended up picking USC Keck. Though I'm feeling a tad anxious that I'm moving and quitting my current job and I still have an EKG and medication exam standing between me and the actual official acceptance. The whole onboarding process has been a real struggle.
  4. Suivezmoi89

    USC Keck

    Does anyone have any experience with this hospital better yet with their ICU?I'm fielding job offers from here as well as the cardiothoracic ICU at UCLA and I'd be interested and people who are from the area's opinions on these hospitals.
  5. Suivezmoi89

    How to list device training?

    I have a question for y'all. I'm updating my resume and I'm trying to decide how to write about the devices I take. At our hospital you take a class, then have a buddy shift where you have another nurse who takes the device do a check off with you, then you can take them by yourself. If I just list devices I've gotten to buddy and take on my own its CVVHD, Heartware, Rotoprone, Arctic Sun I've taken classes for way more, but it can take a really long time to get buddied (one of the issues I have with my hospital is you have to beg and harass them to get checked off). The list of those is: IABP, VV/VA ECMO, Heartmate, Impella I want to find a way to include all of the devices that I've done classes on, but I also don't want a new hospital to be like hey here's an ECMO your first day if I've only had class learning. It feels like lying to just list them with the other devices under a "care of patients with" heading. I'm not planning on starting a new position until December so there's a chance by then I might have been checked off on some more devices, but I'm going to start applying in the next month.
  6. Suivezmoi89

    How far in advance to apply for jobs?

    I do devices ( CVVHD, IABP, VADs) and I should start doing ECMO soon. I'm hoping that and getting my CCRN in the next few months will make me an appealing candidate
  7. Suivezmoi89

    How far in advance to apply for jobs?

    I'm currently an ICU RN with a little over 2 years of experience as a nurse and in my specialty in Texas. I'm really looking to move out of state, and am going to try applying to CVICU jobs in multiple places. My question is how long before I'd be ready to move and start a job should I be applying? My lease isn't up until Jan, so I'd like to try and wait until December or January before leaving. Is now way too soon to start applying? Also for states like California that my Texas license wouldn't work for is the expectation that I have a license in that state before I even apply, or just that I have one before the start date? I know Cali can take months so it would seem applying a couple months earlier than when I can start would be a good thing.
  8. Suivezmoi89

    Seton RN residency July 2016

    What info did they give you on scrubs? I'm itching to get mine already
  9. Haha yeah I read and decide very quickly
  10. Suivezmoi89

    Seton RN residency July 2016

    Nothing from my manager yet. I went and checked out my unit the other day though. Felt a little creepy walking around by myself though haha
  11. I just did Hurst and Uworld (only did about 700 questions) and I took about 25 min with 75 questions and got my pass too
  12. Suivezmoi89

    If your test stopped at 75 Please Read

    I got 75 and had to read this three times to make myself feel better in the 48 hrs I had to wait to find out I passed. Thanks í ½í¸Š
  13. I'm glad everyone is liking Uworld and saying it's a good tool. I did the hurst review and now I'm just doing questions and taking notes on stuff I got wrong. I'm pretty terrified since I'll be taking my NCLEX on the 24th (in two days). I feel like I'm doing terribly on Uworld, I've done about 420 questions and I'm at 70% correct. Though I guess looking at this it's probably about average. I'm trying to remind myself this isn't a nursing school HESI so I should stop expecting a 99.99% on my exams and I don't need an "A" on NCLEX. To anyone who hasnt gotten uworld or is on the fence DO IT. It has amzing rationales, tons of SATA questions and shows you how you are stacking up to the national average (which I like seeing).
  14. Suivezmoi89

    2016 Nurse Residency Programs

    I got an email saying no, a call is probably a good thing. Make sure to check your spam I had an interview with a hospital but it went to my spam folder and I didn't see it for over a week.
  15. Suivezmoi89

    2016 Nurse Residency Programs

    Yeah I got a no from Children's too. I also turned down my interview with pulmonary at UCH. Since interviews start May 19th I don't think I can swing a plane flight (I'm in Texas). The place where I have a job now was fine with a Skype interview and they were within driving distance. Thankfully it's with a residency in a unit I'm happy about in Austin, so no hard feelings :) So good luck to everyone!
  16. Suivezmoi89

    Seton RN residency July 2016

    So how's it going with everyone? Did y'all get your offer letters and find places to live yet? Is anyone else going to be at Seton Medical on 38th with me?

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