How to list device training?


I have a question for y'all. I'm updating my resume and I'm trying to decide how to write about the devices I take. At our hospital you take a class, then have a buddy shift where you have another nurse who takes the device do a check off with you, then you can take them by yourself.

If I just list devices I've gotten to buddy and take on my own its CVVHD, Heartware, Rotoprone, Arctic Sun

I've taken classes for way more, but it can take a really long time to get buddied (one of the issues I have with my hospital is you have to beg and harass them to get checked off). The list of those is:

IABP, VV/VA ECMO, Heartmate, Impella

I want to find a way to include all of the devices that I've done classes on, but I also don't want a new hospital to be like hey here's an ECMO your first day if I've only had class learning. It feels like lying to just list them with the other devices under a "care of patients with" heading. I'm not planning on starting a new position until December so there's a chance by then I might have been checked off on some more devices, but I'm going to start applying in the next month.