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  1. np830

    Oncology specialized NP... FNP or ACNP?

    It depends on your state, unfortunately. I've worked in MA in oncology and many ACNPs are hired outpatient, especially since those patients in the ambulatory care/infusion center are sicker than your usual outpatient. A lot of places are willing to hire PAs with no onc experience, including DFCI, so having the ACNP plus onc experience puts you ahead of them and FNPs, IMHO, as does having ONS certification (I assume you are an onc RN?). If you have no desire to do outpatient, don't do FNP.
  2. np830

    Neutropenic patients in semi-privates

    I have come across this, and you're correct, it's not ideal. Good infection prevention practices and surveillance of fever/illness is key.
  3. Hello. NP applying to PMHNP post-masters certificate programs, looking at University of Pittsburgh.. Does anyone have experience with clinicals at Pitt? Have you ever been told you needed to find your own preceptor??