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  1. deniseS

    Getting done early?

    honestly--I am not sure---I believe I will be doing everything???
  2. Hi...I will be starting HH in a few weeks..What is entailed in a revist, verses an admission,verses recertification, verses a discharge? what takes the most time? Thanks
  3. deniseS

    Getting done early?

    Hi, do most home health RN's finish work early? and if so do more cases get assisgned to you if you finish early? thanks
  4. deniseS

    Getting done early?

    Hi..just wondering how many home health nurses usually finish up day early? Is finishing early common in home health? Thanks
  5. deniseS

    Dislike charting???

    Hi, My nursing background is ER. I am debating taking a position as a home health RN. I love taking care of patients...but I really hate charting. I know there is a lot of paperwork in home health...Should I pursue a different area of nursing because of all the charting..Thanks for any input
  6. deniseS

    On Call

    Hi, For the home health nurses that take call. Is it often you are called out in the middle of the night? I may accept a position as a home health RN..But I have to take call 1 weekend Friday to monday a month...and I have a toddler at home..Not sure if this would be a good job..If I have to leave during the night often..Thanks so much
  7. deniseS

    Which job would you take?

    The enviorment is so important--If your miserable...then it wont matter what job your doing....
  8. Hi, I am in the process of possibly accepting a home health RN position.But one reason I am hesitant to accept..is that I am required to work one weekend a month--which is not a problem--But the week before no days off...and the week after only the Tuesday off(unless the sunday of the weekend you worked was slow)..then Tuesday not given off..I am hesistant to work 8 days in a row..and if the sunday was slow that would mean I would not get the tuesday off either--so 12 days in a row of work???? Is thsi type of scedule normal with home health nursing? please need advice...and info? Am I missing something? Thanks denise
  9. deniseS

    Coporate Nursing

    Hi..This week I have an interview for a rn position at a large finance company...The role will be teaching wellness promotion to employess--and treating non work realted injuries..such as headaches..etc...I am just not sure what exactly this role entails--when working as a nurse in a corporate setting..any ideas or info greatly appreciated..thanks
  10. deniseS

    ACCUITY..advice--info needed

    Hi..I just accepted a HHN position----Just wondering how many patients most HHN see in a day? also does every patient get an oasis form? Is this form done only one time? and do you complete it in the home of the patient? Thanks so much
  11. deniseS

    Is 44 cents per mile good?

    Hi..My job offers 44cents per mile--for reimbursement--is this good or bad? thanks
  12. deniseS

    How Bad Is The Charting???

    -Yesterday I went on HHC interview and I was offerred the job..My only concern is the charting--How bad is it? They are using PDA system..Do you always bring home paperwork in Home health care? Thanks for your help...denise
  13. deniseS

    ADVICE--From ALL HHNurses

    Hi, I am going on an interview next week for Home health nurse. Currently I work in a call center doing telephone triage--and per diem in the ER. I am leaving my current full time job--doing telephone triage because I really hate being locked at a computer all day..also I am looking for a job, where I can drop and pick up my son who is 3 yaers old from school...I am a little hesitant about it though --because it sounds like charting and work continues even after you finish...I just wonder if I would be able to do this, as when my 3 yaer old son is up...I cant really do much--Thanks for any advice and input..Appreciate it very much....
  14. deniseS

    Please Help Me

    Thanks so much for all your help and advice everyone...I really appreciate it ...
  15. deniseS

    Stop these little voices in my head!!!

    Hi, Have you thought about trying another area of nursing? An area which has some similiarities that the ultrasound job may have? There are so many areas of nursing out there that just may fit your plans :)
  16. deniseS

    Please Help Me

    Hi, I resigned from my job last week. I gave 4 weeks notice. I will be starting a new job at the end of this month. However , I have a big problem. Today I found out I am pregnant. What should I do? Should I ask for my old job back? start the new one? I am so confused as this all was not planned. I really need some advice as to where to go from here. Thanks so much