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Hi Everyone,

I am in need of some advice. I will be starting a new job this month. I am a bit confused regarding which insurance plan to choose. I appreciate any input and advice you may all have in choosing the best plan. My options are from the following insurance plans.


The facility also has a traditional plan that is not an HMO.

I appreciate any feedback both positive and negative that anybody has encountered with any of these plans. My email address is [email protected] if you rather contact me that way. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE :)


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Wow, I don't know that anyone can give you much input w/o knowing your "specific" situation. Personally though, I stay away from HMO's and *always* chose a PPO; I have a CIGNA PPO plan right now.

Good luck!


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I also, if given the choice, would always choose PPO's. HMO's aren't for me...not at all.


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I agree, there isn't much info that can be given with just the names of the insurance.

I am sure they all offer something different.



referrals required?

out of network coverage?

some plans cover things you may need that others don't, (ie: maternal care, infertility care, RX coverae, home health coverage... etc.)

some have large hosp copays, some don't...

I am sure each plan has a different monthly premium and drug coverage plan.

I am on an HMO with an out of network option and as long as you stay innet. and see your PCP you don't have to get the insurance companies approval when you are referred by the PCP, it just has to be documented by the PCP and their office can call the ins. and they just make a note of it...

good luck


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Thanks so much for everyones input. Well, all the plans offered are all HMO's except the one plan the hospital offers which is called their traditional plan. All the HMO's require a refferal for any speciality. I was just wondering if anyone belongs to any of these specific HMO plans and have any advise or have come across any problems with a specific one. Currently, I am insured by qualcare PPO, so I am unfamiliar with dealing with HMO's. I really appreciate everyones help...Thanks again..Denise

I think what the last cuople of responses and what I am trying to tell you is to stay away from the HMO's. PPO's are the way to go I have children and let me tell you picking your oun Dr. really helps and your copays arent that bad. Look at what you pay for first because it is your money PPO's can be more expensive but they are worth it in the end. Cost analysis generally dictates which you take. Sacrifice a little and get a lot.


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If you are single and don't have any major health problems like diabetes or anything that would require a specialist I would pick a HMO. Its cheaper and just fine for someone that goes to see their primary care doc. only a couple times a year.

If you have kids or any problems that requires a specialist go for a PPO. That way you can go anywere anytime.

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