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  1. SandandSandwiches

    Help! LVN License Renewal in California

    My license just expired in California. Getting the original endorsement from Arizona to Cali almost took an entire year. My question for you all, have any of you recently renewed a license and how long exactly did it take? They seem to be delayed and...
  2. SandandSandwiches

    Winter 2014 Article Contest - You Pick 4 Winners

    Hooray! How long is voting open?
  3. SandandSandwiches

    2014 Winter Article Contest

    Did you decide winners?
  4. SandandSandwiches

    Advice for the first year of Nursing

    Thanks everyone :)
  5. SandandSandwiches

    Advice for the first year of Nursing

    Confidence is everything
  6. SandandSandwiches

    Advice for the first year of Nursing

    Being a new nurse is freaking scary. All the time you spent binge drinking coffee, cramming for tests, memorizing lab values and texting under the desk seem so heavenly and pleasant in retrospect, for once you pass your state board exams and set off ...
  7. SandandSandwiches

    First lvn job!

    Always stay calm, Don't take anything personal, Follow your gut and do your best to avoid drama at all cost. Prepare for stress, but know the more you work the easier you will get into the flow of things. My first lvn job was at a CRAZY facility with...
  8. My first job out of nursing school was at a long term care facility. It wasn't my ideal situation, in fact the ten-years-ago I would have never saw it coming. While I knew some of my classmates were holding out for that perfect job in labor and deliv...

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