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omoladams BSN, RN

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A Public Health Strategist and Expert. Social Health advocate. Decades of experience in clinical nursing and academic nursing.

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omoladams has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Public Health Nurse.

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  1. Public Health Nurse, an individual responsible to preview, proffer, prevent, promote, pronounce, review and propagate information about health challenges in the community such as an outbreak, and serve as a link between the government and the people. Every organisation must review its activities weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This is to promote efficiency and efficacy in the productivity sections for improvements. As a responsible public health nurse, it's highly paramount to review the health indices in order to establish areas requiring more attention. Starting from assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. Assessment, the first stage in health review as it forms the baseline in creating a viable statistical background for health variations. It takes the most important aspect of health review. If the assessment is faulty the whole process will be shabby as the result can never be accurate. A Public Health Nurse is fully knowledgeable and can apply the advanced nursing process to health review and skillful to maintain and organise the public health review of the society. There are certain elements a public health nurse should appreciate through preview of health indices. These elements provides a level ground where the public health nurse can base her recommendations in suit of present and past health circumstances of the society. Preview is an important integral role of a public health nurse, the tools required to promulgate the preview is broadened and scientific. Research enhancement is the only drive that push forward ideas and reality, public health nurses should promote scientific researches and conferences in order to establish facts and not myths. These findings can be a tool to corroborate the preview of health status of a society, hence giving full capacity to prevent any unforeseen outbreak. There are basically two types of outbreak in every community, certain outbreak are unforeseen while another outbreak can be premeditated. In some communities in Africa, there are certain outbreak that can easily with full conscious intent and a measure of forethought be attacked such as weather, certain weather in Africa comes with some outbreak, hence, with various publications of scientific research, the public health nurse can preview the health challenges ahead and send it to appropriate quarters for necessary actions. Information is power as a universally accepted and undaunted tool to keep abreast with the latest development around and globally. Lack of accessibility to information endanger individual and the society. An illustration here is, someone equipped with information will be well versed with whatever that is happening, and such individual is seen to be in light while the other person that lacks information is in darkness. Light and darkness are parallel and can never be equated. The developed countries spend huge resources on information dissemination, which keeps health challenges at a bearable level than African countries. This is because of high level of corruption raving the continent. If the citizens are duly informed, politicians cannot take them for granted. This is why there is high level of illiteracy in Africa. Government refused to equip the public health nurses because, as part of the responsibilities of a public health nurse is information propagation and dissemination. Despite these deficient resources, public health nurse still maintain its professional duties by sharing essential health tips on health and outbreak. Thus, a public health nurse has a lined - up channel of communications to disseminate very important information across board. Unfortunately some countries had politicised health sector with poor result in ranking countries health system. Health sector is a team - work and there are levels of interdependency, though each member has its autonomy. When each members work within their limit there can never be conflict and the resultant effects shall be positive in the outcome of the care of the patients. A public health nurse can achieve 100% success with support and collaboration of other team members. Every societies must equipped well the public health nurses, engage them in services, and station them at every point of entries of all countries and every health establishment (especially outpatient department), well remunerated and full autonomy. Every countries must have a viable Public Health Commission without the interference of ministry of health rather collaboration as well the government. Virtually in all ministry of health, there is a department of public health section, yet redundant because of the power of the ministers of health who most times aren't interested. The commission shall be headed by an expert with a track record in public health services be it in private or public organisation. A public health nurse, public health doctor, public health pharmacist, and epidemiologist can be appointed if duly qualified as the head of the commission. OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo
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    Managerial Skills of a Nurse in Running Health Facility

    You are correct. Thanks for the observation.
  3. Management skills are as important as leadership skills in addressing some of the failings identified in the Francis report. A management framework is required to provide a consistent approach to management development for all staff in healthcare, irrespective of discipline, role, function or seniority ( Joanna Kerridge). Nurses are the heart of any health care facility. They keep up the facility through divine and uniqueness of nursing skills, practices, and techniques. The profound knowledge acquired in training promotes systematic development of the health facility. The number of nurses in any health facility overrun other professionals, this is because nurses run a 24-hours job, staying by the patient's bedside providing nursing care. Nurses have more frequent contacts with patients for curative, preventive, promotive and rehabilitative nursing care. It's highly essential for nurses to have a ground knowledge of managing both human and materials resources in any health facility. A ward is often is headed by a nurse (nurse manager), who oversees everything happening in the ward ranging from staffing such as nurses, doctors, ward maids, specialist therapists, dietitians, etc, equipment, bedding and accessories, instrument, electronic e.g. computer, files for reporting etc. The head nurse communicates with every professionals related to the ward, in turn uses resourceful managerial skills as leader of the ward. Highlighted below are the four managerial skills of a nurse LEADERSHIP SKILLS A nurse should be versatile and endowed with quality leadership skill. This will create mutual understanding and enhance productivity. Leadership by example will increase access among the professionals working as a team. Everybody shall play scheduled duties in discharging their responsibilities. As the leader of the ward, the nurse shall provide instruments or equipment needed in the ward by communicating with the hospital authority, thus will promote unity among the staff of the ward. Then its effect will translate to the hospital at large. The leadership skill include the following four main principles: Organising - The ward leader organised the ward compartments with hierarchical step. Every member shall be adequately inform of their duties and be discharged professionally and diligently. This organization shall enhance the smooth - running of the ward. Beside, essential materials needed shall be provided by the ward leader through appropriate quarter. Scheduling - Every member of the ward shall be assigned a definite responsibility to be carried out. There shall be no conflict in discharging duties. Duty roaster is provided by taking into consideration the interest of everybody without preference nor favour to anyone. Equality plays a significant role. Planning - This is the centre of any successful management of a health facility. The ward leader is to plan adequately for the day-to-day activities weekly, monthly, and yearly for the smooth running of the ward. Such as in-house training, medications, Doctor ward round, Nurse ward round, visiting hour, etc. Without planning there is likelihood of failure which will translate into poor health care. Prioritising - As part of the quality skills of a nurse leader, is to prioritised every actions lined up to deliver adequate care. Most important and critical matters are attended to before any other one. This skills prevent conflict of interest thereby right member of the team is found at the right place at the right time. TIMING SKILLS For any good manager, time is money, in fact time is more valuable than money because adequate timing produce wealth. The nurse manager shouldn't Condon perplexity in time management in every procedures and cares in the ward must be time - bound and discharged professionally. Resumption time should sacrosanct thus shouldn't entertain lateness. Just a second lateness can jeopardize the life of a patient. The best practice is for the staff to be in the ward 10minutes ahead of official resumption (handing & taking over) as this will reduce any unforeseen error due to the stress of movement from home to work place. The nurse manager should also be vigilant of the visiting time of the doctor. Some doctors are fond of coming whenever interested even during emergency. The attitude of boss has clouded their judgements, the nurse manager shouldn't accept such act as it violates ethical principle of the profession and health facility policy. When work is diligently administered at appropriate time, the end result is enchanting. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Communication is the art of processing information and transfer to end user (receiver). Communication is one of the most powerful tool in management style and an essential skill of a good manager. The nurse manager should at all time disseminate accurate information to every concerned staff member. It bridges the gap in the statutory hierarchy. Poor communication styles promote frequent disagreements. FLEXIBILITY SKILLS A ward manager shouldn't too kin or rigid in every official affairs as this can lead to anarchy. Every member's affairs and concerns should play in every activities to be carried out. The moment the subordinate are subjected to rigid policy without flexibility, the outcome becomes kin without espri de corp. OMOLOLA ADAMS OLATAYO
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    Self Esteem As A Tool In Nursing

    Self esteem is an ingredient of living a successful life and career, characterized with good interpersonal relationship, self- actualization, and achievement. It's very important for a nurse to see herself as very dignified as possible in the health team. Every nurse is very important and play a vital role in keeping the hospital running. Nursing is holistic which makes it unique from other profession. All the nurse educator should cultivate the habit of creating a good rapport with their nursing students. This relationship is reflected in the hospital while working. Nothing should undermine self esteem of a nurse. The nurse leader or manager in the hospital should also boost the self esteem of the younger nurses. Bullying is a bad attitude common among nurses. This had decrease or lower self esteem of nurses. Even patients bullying the nurse on duty as well professional colleague. In the course of continuous training, adequate emphasis should be made on self esteem actualization. Nurses are at the center of care. The lifeline of any health care facility in the world is nurse. The interdependent role in healthcare isn't working perfectly. Every member of the team should accord respect to one another. Role model factor is another burning issues in nursing profession. From time of admission into school of nursing, they should be given self confidence, Self reliance and autonomy to carry out nursing responsibilities. Some nurses aren't performing maximally in course of care due to low self esteem. They are afraid of making mistake such that they will not be bully. Mistake can be minimized to its bear minimum when professional conduct and practise is maintained. Once you are afraid of mistake then you make mistakes. Confidence is the frame work of self esteem. This will enhance productivity and promote professionalism during care. Confidence builds self esteem and boost it. With confidence a patient that rejects a nurse yesterday will try and attend to the patient the following day, this is part of nursing responsibilities not giving preferential treatment to a patient over the other. Every patients has equal right and thus are entitled to equal care and treatment. Superior officers and the union should always stand with the nurse. Accommodate all sorts of mistakes and redress such mistakes. This acts boost self esteem and self belongings is achieved. One-on-one discussions for adjustment or correction and group discussions for study purpose. This process enhance interpersonal relationship and cordial relationships between superior and inferior officers. A young lady just graduated from a school of nursing, applied for specialty in anaesthetic nursing, she did well for entrance exam, she was shorlisted and came for the interview. This young lady is very brilliant and intelligent. The school of anesthesia management advised the lady to step aside for a nurse (General ) that had been practising for more than fifteen years. She felt bad and disappointed. The same year she obtained a form into a medical school and dumped nursing profession. The lady would have been an asset if remained in nursing profession. She is about to complete her program in the medical school. She got demoralised and feel cheated by a superior officer. This act is shameful and promote low self esteem. The above illustration should be a guide for all superior nurses to be a good role model and accepts them, train them and mold them. Don't dampen their spirit, don't kill their interest, these are agents can change the face of nurses for better. self esteem should be encouraged among junior and students nurses. Promote the self belonging and always allow verbalization. Direct communications should be ensued with good listening and allow them to be part of decision making. OMOLOLA ADAMS OLATAYO