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  1. MOOn Medicare form

    Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to case management. I just took a position as a discharge planner in October 2021. I really enjoy it but the one sore spot is for our hospital it falls on the shoulders of the case manager to give patients the MOOn Med...
  2. Best way to become a research nurse?

    Hello! I have been a nurse for about 10 years, with most of that time being on a mother/baby unit that also deals with med/surg(gynecology) patients. I also worked labor and delivery for a year and med/surg for a year. Being a research nurse is somet...
  3. Hi Everyone! I've been doing some research over the past few months and I really think I want to go back to school with my main focus being informatics. There are 2 programs I really like, one is an MSN degree with an informatics concentration and th...