Best way to become a research nurse?

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Hello! I have been a nurse for about 10 years, with most of that time being on a mother/baby unit that also deals with med/surg(gynecology) patients. I also worked labor and delivery for a year and med/surg for a year. Being a research nurse is something that has always interested me and now I think I have the experience to start looking. My only concern is that no place will consider me because I have no research experience and my background is in OB, not ICU, med surg,cardiac etc. I have been the charge nurse on my unit for the past couple years and I was also considering joining the research council at my hospital to gain some knowledge in the area. What is your experience in getting hired on for a research nurse? What skills were valuable? I think I could really excel in this area if given the chance. Any information would be so helpful!



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It doesn't matter what unit you come from, only that you can adapt to the research mindset. It is different from any other kind of nursing. A lot of nurses find it difficult to either make the transition or to maintain their interest. Speak to the research nurses in your hospital, likely in the oncology or CV departments I'd guess. Where in the country are you located? PM me if you want and I can try to give you more specific answers.