MOOn Medicare form

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Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to case management. I just took a position as a discharge planner in October 2021. I really enjoy it but the one sore spot is for our hospital it falls on the shoulders of the case manager to give patients the MOOn Medicare form informing them of their observation status. How does your hospital do this and how do you handle the conversation  with pts, ie verbage etc? I feel like it puts us in a bad position because pts have questions related to their bills and get pretty upset and the only knowledge I have is that they are responsible for copays potentially and payment goes to 80/20 split. I don’t feel like I have the knowledge to explain and when you put it back on the MDs to explain they don’t want to take responsibility either. I brought my concerns to my manager but she kind of brushed it off saying yeah it’s uncomfortable abs it’s bad that we are “ stuck in the middle” so to speak but didn’t give much guidance besides that. I just hate being in the “ don’t shoot the messenger” role. Thanks for you your help!