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  1. diana13122

    VNA Nursing?

    Hi!! I am a LPN with 4 years experience in Internal Medicine. Recently my husbands company has him traveling and has in turn has me to look at travel nursing and VNA. We have a child at home and while he is traveling I could use some flexibility in my schedule if needed. After speaking to companies who hire LPNS most want trach vent and gtube experience (they will train as I have not encountered these skills in 3 years! Never have worked a vent machine actually!) Anyways, I am wondering if it is a good direction and am looking for opinions of fellow LPNs who are VNA Nurses? Pros and cons are much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. diana13122

    thoughts for the newbie

    Hello! I work in a practice thats affiliated with a major teaching hospital. I work with all women doctors and nurses (with the exception of 3 male doctors). So the estrogen level can run high!! Anyways I am a new Nurse who was hired a few months ago and am learning leaps and bounds. I know this will look great on my resume, but I am afraid the pace will destroy my confidence.. Part of the issue here is a constant ever changing learning curve.. Meaning every doctor likes things "her way" (not uncommon) and that varies dependng on the day, the mood and who you are working with. We as Nurses in this large practice get flip flopped fromm Doc to Doc and its frustrating at times to relearn the wheel. Top it off with being new, trying to work fast, efficient and then criticized. Its as if we are rats in a maze! I just question whether or not this is the pace in which I look like a Nurse who has NO clue what she is doing because of the pace and trying to take it all in at a break neck speed while other Nurses are seemingly emotionless and robotic about the day.. I feel like an idiot! Just toput the load in perspective: We see an average of 40 to 45 patients per day per doctor. Any advice is welcomed.. thanks!
  3. diana13122

    LVN Career Path

    I enjoyed LTC but didnt have any luck earning a perm day position so I am doing VNA private care.
  4. diana13122

    April 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Call the liquor store...there are four of them..