Perfection seekers


Hello all,

Trying to make sense of M.D's who want it all and then some..

There are difficult (to say the least) Doctors everwhere who want you to be their "perfect" Nurse and make them look great. I work in a large practice in the city who have an excellent reputation. Their goal for excellence in care and patient satisfaction. Athough that is admirable and the way all medical facilities should practice, I feel the focus is exclusively how the Patients are treated without regard to the staff. The ridicule and criticism is at times more than I can handle.

I find myself on the fast track to being Super Nurse (Cape and all) one day and one minor mistake and I drop in status..Its like the level of disappointment in a conversation about forgetting a Qtip in a procedure is ridiculous.

Am I being overcritical of myself or is it the Physicians take on how much we should be perfect and they are the ones who have the issue?

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For what it is worth, I do not think you are being overly critical. However, this attitude is one of the reasons I would not want to work alongside physicians in a clinic or doctors' office all day long.

Perfection is unattainable, and anyone who expects it out of me will be sorely disappointed.


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I have been off the board for ahwile. I would like to thank you for your assistance in talking me off the self ridicule trail. I have made some changes for the better in my career. I am still a Nurse, but changed my attitude and my job. Life is better!