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I work in a practice thats affiliated with a major teaching hospital. I work with all women doctors and nurses (with the exception of 3 male doctors). So the estrogen level can run high!!:arghh:

Anyways I am a new Nurse who was hired a few months ago and am learning leaps and bounds. I know this will look great on my resume, but I am afraid the pace will destroy my confidence..

Part of the issue here is a constant ever changing learning curve.. Meaning every doctor likes things "her way" (not uncommon) and that varies dependng on the day, the mood and who you are working with.

We as Nurses in this large practice get flip flopped fromm Doc to Doc and its frustrating at times to relearn the wheel. Top it off with being new, trying to work fast, efficient and then criticized. Its as if we are rats in a maze!

I just question whether or not this is the pace in which I look like a Nurse who has NO clue what she is doing because of the pace and trying to take it all in at a break neck speed while other Nurses are seemingly emotionless and robotic about the day.. I feel like an idiot!

Just toput the load in perspective: We see an average of 40 to 45 patients per day per doctor.

Any advice is welcomed.. thanks!

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I'm sorry but what your question is?

Sorry I was NOT clear :(

I was wondering if this is normal to ask of a Nurse to be responsible for learning the ins and outs of a Doctors likes and dislikes when there is 45 of them?? Just seems unrealistic!!!

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As a seasoned nurse who has worked in clinics several years I will say it takes getting use to. I know you get thrown around with different Drs but you will eventually learn the quirks of each of them. It's great when they are also good teachers. Many will teach you what they want. If you will be honest and let them know you are not familiar with their techniques they will walk you through it. If they won't just do you best. They can only stay mad for so long. Most of the time clinics will divide the nurses per Dr. If there are 9 then you will be with 3 unless absolutely needed for another.. I have never seen 1 nurse work with all 9 Drs.(this is an example). We all go thru that. I did at the VA clinic in San Jose....But i learned to love all the Docs and they were all awesome....So hopefully you will find your niche and it will all work and come together.......

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