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Dafabb has 47 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Med/Surg/.

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  1. LPN IV med administration courses?

    Brittany this is the just of IV meds and where you can give them. I am from Texas. Have always given them (45 yrs) I have done travel and contract in and out of states. The hospital you work at should certify you if you are allowed to do IVs in th...
  2. Feeling burnt out. Looking for advice.

    As a Nurse you are a baby. I am an LVN and I have now been a nurse for 45 yrs. I have seen a lot of Nurses burnout and keep working and I will say when it takes hold it is not pretty to see. I have P&^^ several nurses off over all these years....
  3. LPN Pay?

    OK I have many years and have made approx 27-30$ here in Texas these last 12 years (mostly agency local). Since covid it has gone up quite a bit. Also travel is paying an ungodly amount for LVN so you might try doing that if you do not have a famil...
  4. Do LPNs really get a shorter orientation time?

    As an LVN of almost 45 yrs I can give you a different perspective. !st off I know every State is Different. I will be talking about Texas. We basically had the run of everything. I have worked in every aspect of a hospital except PACU which was i...
  5. Terminated for Crying at Work

    It's ok to have an emotional out sometimes just not often. I worked oncology for 5 yrs and all of us at one time cried with our pt/family, by ourselves. I have sat in the NS and cried(rarely) over an aged pt. It could be as simply as they miss the...
  6. LPN to RN feels Trapped and Burnt Out

    As an LVN of 40 years I agree to go on M/S floor. I have done Home care with one pt. at a time and home health with 35 pt a week(my #1 love). Having 5-7 pt will keep you on your toes and will give you great satisfaction. I have been in the hospita...
  7. Pediatric Patient IV Infiltration- Is it My Fault?

    I think you already know the answer as to how bad you feel but unlike Ms. Tactful just know we have all had this happen more than once/twice/thrice, be it adult or child. It tends to make us more diligent and yet it will still happen on the occasion...
  8. Start Nursing School at 66?

    I will also add another concern. Just getting your RN at this stage will probably not be as plausible in 2/3 yrs because just being an RN will not get you a job. You will probably have to have at least your BSN as many right now are doing that and ...
  9. 3 DUIs What are my Chances of Being an RN?

    I will agree by your numbers that you have a problem. You were free for 15 yrs and again it happened. I would suggest you work on that situation first. Your health is more important. You have your Lab degree it would probably be more prudent to g...
  10. Choices - Which Job to Choose?

    Everyone has stated all the good reasons for what so I will say do the M/S first as in 2 years LA County will have an opening after that if you want to change over.....
  11. RNs Don't Help CNAs

    OH and PS here this is a generalized version so no nasty comments if you are exempt here.
  12. RNs Don't Help CNAs

    For 15 yrs we did total pt care until we started get CNAs. We still did TPC but also had some help because there would be 1 CNA. As time moved on more CNAs. Nurse coming in in the 90's on mostly never did TPC so evolving to let CNAs do all of the ...
  13. Can't Smell-Can I be a Nurse?

    All I can say is you are lucky you can't smell but I can't think of a time when I just couldn't look and know there was a problem with infection or something wrong.
  14. Aetna work from home tele case manager rn

    I was wondering if anyone has been doing this. I have been a Nurse for 40 yrs and still working right now in corrections. I wanted to get into this insurance WAH. I met online a Nurse who does precerts (10yrs as LVN) and after sending her my resum...
  15. Why are nurses disrespected so much?

    LMBO This sounds so like me!...As a Nurse who has done about 25 years in agency with a few employed jobs I can truly hold my own. It was show me the med room, dirty laundry room and what kind of charting do you do and I'll ask if I need to. Most Nurs...