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  1. vengeance

    South University FNP MSN program???

    does South list a graduation rate for the program? When I got my FAFSA approval, it listed all the rates for the schools I applied to and had South at 9%. Surely this isnt true
  2. vengeance

    Just had an interview

    definitely do a thank you letter. That is your last chance to let the interviewer know that you appreciate their time and are sincerely interested in the position
  3. vengeance

    Job market in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte?

    market in the raleigh area is strong especially if you are willing to look at satellite hosp
  4. vengeance

    Can I still apply to NEW GRAD Residency?

    Where I am you can apply if you have less than 1 yr nursing experience. Have you considered relocating since the market is so saturated in CA?
  5. vengeance

    Finally able to tell my son "yes"

    children learn from our actions more than we realize. For him to see you studying and seeing that you accomplished a sought after goal will go far. Even tho he is young, he will remember.
  6. vengeance

    asking where else you are interviewing

    All of the interviews are for ER RN positions. All in a 50 mile radius all have spoken to me at length on the phone and ask me to come I. For a walk they, then ask where else I have applied. And have stated reasons why theirs would be the better choice of employment
  7. vengeance

    Frustrated :(

    you need to FIND something that sets you apart from the rest! Something you have done, somewhere down the line, makes you a stronger candidate. If you take the attitude that you are no better than anyone else, why would anyone want you? Not to be harsh, but in this job market you have got to stand out on paper. There has to be something that makes HR take a second look at your resume/cover letter to want to pass it along to a hiring mgr.
  8. is this common? Are they trying to get a feel for the environment you are looking to work? Trying to see what their competition is? If you are applying to several satellite hosp under one healthcare system, are the nurse mgrs able to see where else you have applied? Is there an appropriate response?
  9. vengeance

    why do nurses hate medics?

    working as a medic, I had very few bad experiences with the nurses. However, when I applied to a MSN program, I was told by the dean that interviewed me that there would be professors that that would not like me simply because I was a medic. 5 or 6 professors made my life hell, doing everything they could to fail me in their classes. Mind you, I never told anyone that I was a medic, I told everyone I had no experience. Clinical professors as well as didactic did not feel a medic had the qualifications to become a nurse. Yet when I did my preceptorship, the drs and nurses alike were thrilled at my skills and education and how I consumed every bit of information they threw at me.
  10. vengeance

    I don't know if I can do it...encouragement needed

    I worked as a paramedic ft while taking an accelerated bridge MSN program (had a bs in sociology from 20 years ago). I carried my books/notes with me everywhere I went. It was hard, but knowing that it was temporary made it doable. This next week I have 8 interviews with different ER's. Once I settle in to a job, I will go back to get my FNP. The good thing about working while attending school is you can relate what you are learning in classes to everyday work. You can do it.
  11. vengeance

    Places to work

    do a google/indeed search of nursing positions in an area that you are willing to go to. Dont bother looking at major cities. I got interviews from all the satellite hospitals just outside the city but none of the big hospitals would touch me. Even in NY and surrounding areas there are bound to be smaller hospitals outside of the big cities that are still looking for nurses.
  12. vengeance

    Frustrated :(

    I agree that you need to look outside of the city if you dont feel like relocating. If you are open to relocating then look at smaller hopsitals in more urban or rural areas.
  13. vengeance

    level 1 trauma or satellite ED

    I have interviews scheduled with a level 1 trauma center (RN ll) as well as 4 of their satellite hospitals (RN) in the ED. Trauma has been my dream job for years. I have been a paramedic for 20+ years (inner city and rural) as well as a law enforcement officer. Graduated with a MSN in August, so this will be my first RN position. Any pros/cons for trauma vs satellite? Anything I can do to stand out in the interviews? I thrive in the fast paced unpredictable atmosphere
  14. vengeance

    UNC ER

    what is the atmosphere of the ED for new hires? I have an interview scheduled and this is my top choice for emloyment
  15. vengeance

    RN salaries in North Carolina?

    As a relocating new grad (20+ years as a medic and graduated in Aug with MSN) I am getting many interview requests at the outlying hospitals as opposed to the larger hospitals. All of the outlying hospitals are affiliated with the larger ones as well. I have a full week of interviews scheduled for the first week of January (they were actually trying to schedule them for xmas week).
  16. vengeance

    Cape Fear Valley Medical Center New Grad program

    I have been a paramedic for 20+ years, graduated in August with MSN. Applied to Cape fear and was told they only hire new grads into the residency program and to apply to that. However Friday I got a call asking me to call them about an interview. Did they change the policy or did my resume just catch someone attention?