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  1. twistncrewbabe13

    DNP or NP? Experience first?

    Hello, I have some questions reguarding furthering my education after a BSN degree. I'm currently receiving my BSN in nursing at Grand Valley State Universit...
  2. twistncrewbabe13

    which path should I take for nursing?

    I posted a thread a few days ago but I need possibly different advice now. For a little while now I have been considering becoming a HM next year. But my conser...
  3. twistncrewbabe13

    navy nurse corspman program

    just wanted to say i did not sign yet because I'm still waiting for some credit things, but I really need some advice here-please comment
  4. twistncrewbabe13

    navy nurse corspman program

    tomorrow i'm going to sign up for the navy nurse corspman program. I have finished one year of undergraduate work at a good university and plan on starting Boot...