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tomorrow i'm going to sign up for the navy nurse corspman program. I have finished one year of undergraduate work at a good university and plan on starting Bootcamp next summer. I wanted to ask some questions about the program. First I would like to know any advice from those who have done it and what you liked about it. I've read a lot within these forums of the pros and cons, and I also have read a lot of questions about getting a BSN degree from it. It will be different for me because I will have 2 years of college completed once I go in, so I'm wondering with those two years of fundation classes and then the experience in the two years active duty in the navy, whether it's more likely for me to get a BSN. I'm doing this program because i'm not looking to become an officer, but someone who just hasnt been sure what path to take in life. My first year of college I was pre-med but then I decided to switch to nursing and that's when I heard about this program. I figured it was a good way to get experience while I was young, go in ,and then come out and finish my degree. I'm young for being in college so I'm not determined to get my degree by a very young age. Anyways aside from all that, what is the likelyhood you get to choose what station you will be at after training? and how can I find out if these classes transfer back to the university i've been going to? My idea is to be in for the 2 years active or so then go back and finish up a BSN, so I'm hoping they transfer. any other information about the program would be much appreciated. thank you!

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Well, I haven't been through the program, but as a marine I have had the opportuity to talk to many "docs" ( as you will be known as). For the most part many of them know their stuff and quite a few are eventually going on to be doctors. As far as getting to pick where you are stationed, they will allow you your top3 choices but in reality they will send you were ever they want/need to. If you get stationed with Marines, prepare for many of days/weeks out in the field. Good luck.

just wanted to say i did not sign yet because I'm still waiting for some credit things, but I really need some advice here-please comment


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This program must be new because I've never heard of it. I have heard of MECP where as an active duty w/ your pre-reqs done, you go to school full-time to complete your BSN within 3yrs. with full pay. and you use your GI Bill.

This one doesn't make any sense to me. I say do the Nurse Corps Program (NCP) when you're a junior. You'll get 2 payments of $10k I believe and a monthly stipend.

The Navy is hurting for HMs out there in Iraq. I say get your degree done before joining because you may never have the oppurtunity to get it done again. Some of my old shipmates are still out there, having done 9 mos already.

Good luck either way!

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