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  1. Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    I know. All my friends are just bewildered too! They thought I was a 'lock' for it given my credentials and that the window tint violation was such a ...as you say too...silly. IIRC, my counselor said that like 50 (+10 alternates) started in the last...
  2. Kaplan college in San Diego RN program

    I did 9yrs in the Navy as a Corpsman, honorable discharge. I still work for the Navy in the medical field. I have my bachelors in bus. admin and many credits for my masters in HR. I applied and passed the SLE and did alright on the TEAS. I was contac...
  3. What should I expect at my first duty station

    "Hi, so...are you assigned to a hospital first? the big 3 is what I was told, and there for your whole first enlistment? Is the fleet platform in addition to the hospital assignment? I'm considering." The fleet platform IS potential additional duty t...
  4. What should I expect at my first duty station

    Even though I was 'just a corpsman'(jk) at Balboa and Portsmouth, I must agree this info is authentic.
  5. Fortunately I don't have to worry about that w/ 9 yrs of enlisted service but here's hoping those looking to go back in did a one month extension before their EAOS. Know anyone who got messed over on getting O-1E? That just sucks. Thanks for the info...
  6. navy nurse corspman program

    This program must be new because I've never heard of it. I have heard of MECP where as an active duty w/ your pre-reqs done, you go to school full-time to complete your BSN within 3yrs. with full pay. and you use your GI Bill. This one doesn't make a...
  7. Needing to relocate, any suggestions

    which ones have the minimal wait lists? thanks mucho in advance! i'm here in hampton.
  8. A question for military nurses

    As a Navy Corpsman, I worked side by side with the RNs. In the ER we did the 12s; Work: Fri, Sat, Sun/ Off: Mon, Tues/ Work: Wed, Thurs/ Off: Fri, Sat, Sun. By working 12s, we didn't have to stand duty like the clinic types: Mon-Fri: 6:45AM to 4PM. D...
  9. Do navy nurses just supervise corpsmen?

    It's 50/50 Good/Bad Navy Nurse Corps types, don't get me wrong. There were also the veteran officers who would make cookies, cakes and such for the corpsmen and invite them to their homes for a 'unit party'(everyone in the unit has to be invited for ...
  10. What is the minimum active duty signup in the army nurse corps?

    Navy has a $15k Sign on bonus.
  11. Do navy nurses just supervise corpsmen?

    I have met many types of Nurse Corps Officers as a Corpsman in my almost 9 yrs. Here are a few: 1. Prior Service- Laid Back and Approachable but driven to train all the time 2. Prior Service- Uptight and Distant and driven to work you all the time an...
  12. Advice 4 joinin navy as medical corpsman

    My advice is to talk to the Officer Recruiter. He or she can tell you about going to school full-time receiving E-3 pay. And your time in school counts as AD (active duty) time. Win-win IMO. Also, depending on where you are and/or if the ship/unit i...
  13. I Just Want To Scream!!!!!!!!

    I feel ya. I was senior HM and had to make things happy between the two types as well. If there is only one individual on each side starting trouble, take them aside one at a time and discuss. If it's basically everyone, call a meeting and set them s...
  14. I wasn't an officer but enlisted as a hospital corpsman. Treat the HMs right or they can make life hard for you. I know they'll make you do a hospital tour first thing to make sure you've got all the basics. But going to a ship such as a carrier, yo...
  15. You know by having 4 yrs prior service you'd come in as O-1E, that's almost equal to O-3 pay! Also, the Nursing Bonus is up from $10k to $15k! Go to Navy.com and look up the programs. It still says $10k but someone forwarded me the new instruction. ...