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  1. Please help I am starting to lose hope in becoming a nurse

    I haven't really thought of that. Do you have any suggestions?
  2. St. Paul School of Nursing

    @Yankeepride06 Hey, no I'm sorry I decided not to visit the school. I am going to go to a Molloy open house they have this Sunday and see what my options will be at Molloy.
  3. Hello, I live in Long Island New York and I am 30 yrs old. I have been trying to get into a nursing program in NY but I keep hitting walls or getting the run around. I know that it's extremely a difficult field to get into and I am willing to do what...
  4. St. Paul School of Nursing

    Hello everyone! I'm New to this forum. I have been reading some of your earlier posts and was wondering how do you like the school so far? I'm from Long Island and just found out about this school and there program through a friend of mine. I have an...
  5. So confused!!!! Please Help

    Thank you for the encouragement I will see if I can take it a 3rd time since the first time I was a dumb young college student that didn't care about school. And the second time our whole class had to complain to the dean about the professor of A&...
  6. So confused!!!! Please Help

    Yes I am well aware that I need to pass A&P the first time I took ap I was a young college student that really didn't care much about school the second time I went back to school as an adult and manged "A" in all of my classes but A&P the p...
  7. September 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    they say doctors hands are always cold,wait until they feel metal robot hands
  8. So confused!!!! Please Help

    Hello, I would love more then anything in the world to become an RN. I feel like i am hitting wall after wall in my search of the right school to go to, for example I have an associates degree and I have taken the prerequsites needed to get into a RN...
  9. Please help!!!!!

    Hello, I am 30yrs old and I live on Long Island NY. I just finished getting my associates in liberal arts.I would love, more then anything in the world to become an RN. I don't what what steps to take to make it to my goal. If there is anyone that co...