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  1. Research RN pay

    I have an interview at a large hospital system for a Research RN position. This would be my first time in a Research RN position (I'm currently an Emergency Dept. Nurse). I understand that salary/ pay differ depending where you are in the US. With th...
  2. UCH New Grad Program Winter 2017

    Hey BSN2b, No electronic references were requested for my cohort. The only references I provided were those that were part of the application packet. And of course I brought extra references to my interview.
  3. Nursing Job Outlook

    Hey dbsum, I have a BSN, but like you said theres a lot of competition for jobs so I got a job as a CNA to get my foot in the door. The interview process was pretty intimidating, 6-8 managers and educators interview candidates one at a time for abou...
  4. Receiving license # after NCLEX

    Hey jenpint, yeah the information you received is about right, I was told within 14 business days... Sometimes they might make an exception for you if you need your License number to keep a job but outside of that its a waiting game...
  5. Nursing Job Outlook

    The UCH new grad program does take new grads with their ADN. I'm in the program right now and there are 9 new grads from Pikes Peak Community College (ADN).
  6. Nursing Job Outlook

    Sorry Dbsum, I don't know anything about the facilities you mentioned.
  7. Nursing Job Outlook

    Colorado's state Mental Health Hospital is in Pueblo Colorado and they hire ADN's. And they are always looking for people. I work in the UCHealth system and I know that their new grad program hires ADNs provided they sign a contract saying they will...

    I can't speak for other states, but the Colorado BON and specifically the Licensing supervisor for my application has been great at responding to my emails within the same day and if she didn't answer her phone she called me back within 48hrs. I say ...

    I wanted to put it out there that I was able to get quick results without paying for it. i know that pearson vue offers quick results 48hrs after your exam but I couldn't wait that long (I know I'm not the only one who feels that way lol). So what I ...
  10. UCH New Grad Program Winter 2017

    Hey guys! I was offered a job on all the units I interviewed for and I've accepted the position in the ED! Good luck to everyone!
  11. UCH New Grad Program Winter 2017

    Just had my interview for the ED! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was interviewed by a panel of 6 nurses all were very nice and there weren't any scenario based questions. It was mainly questions to get an idea of who you are, your work...
  12. UCH New Grad Program Winter 2017

    Hey guys I just received an invitation to interview at Memorial Central in Colorado Springs! Hope you all hear something soon!
  13. UCH New Grad Program Winter 2017

    No, I haven't heard anything yet:no:
  14. Wanted to start a thread for people who applied to the Colorado Springs UCH Nurse Residency program starting February 2017 to share information and their experience through the application process. The recruiter told me she would be sending out inter...
  15. UCCS Traditional Program Part time?

    Hey Foppachick, I just graduated from Beth-El and no as of right now there is not a part time option for Beth-El's BSN program.