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  1. Greetings all! I am a fairly new RN BSN working in MedSurg but my dream is to work in a clinic setting with an HIV positive population. Are there any HIV certified nurses on the forums? Or nurses that work in this specialty that would like to share how they got there? My HIV positive patients are currently few and far between and I'm not sure how to start off getting experience with this demographic. Thank you SO much for your responses!!!
  2. geebs

    I Should Be in Jail

    Thank you for sharing. As sad as these stories are, it reassures me just how powerful nurses can be in someone's life.
  3. geebs

    Drexel ACE Fall 2016

    I am currently in the program and about to graduate in a couple months. As long as you have a good work ethic and didn't struggle too much in A&P you should be able to get through the program.
  4. My surprise is not only her sweeping judgement of novice nurses but the fact that her profile is completely public and blasting all of that vile language out there ! I think it's awful that her sister received such poor care but I would approach this much differently if you want people to respond to you and take you seriously.
  5. geebs

    acidosis vs. alkalosis

    thank you SO much for this!!! I am working through fluid & electrolytes in school right now, and this explanation is invaluable!!!
  6. Wow. The fact that you took the time to write this post is incredible. Thank you SO SO much. I am in the 2nd week of an 11 month accelerated BSN program and working out the kinks in my study techniques. My previous methods don't cut it for these test question styles and the amount of information I need to learn. This advice is terrific and I am very grateful!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
  7. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    @dreamgirl15 Thanks for the post. Since this is the Spring 2015 cohort thread, we have already started. No turning back! I have just finished my first week and we certainly hit the ground running in ACE! Personally, I find it to be a lot of work already, but I expected that. It is quite a lot to get a BSN in 11 months. I like my professors a lot and at the end of the day I understand it is up to ME to put the work in and succeed. I've heard a lot of things about the issues with the exit HESI from cohort that just finished up and I understand Drexel is reevaluating their use of it. Any comments on that @dreamgirl15 ? Did you have issues with it? What was Drexel's response?
  8. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Hi atj39! I requested to join the FB group. My name is "Geebs Italia". Thanks :)
  9. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Okay, so I've decided I am going to make a basic FB account just for the ACE group. I have a friend in a PA program and she said the FB page for her class was invaluable. :) Look for my request!
  10. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Hey Jessica! Yes, I actually only use IG as well!! My username is geeberfever :)
  11. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    I also do not have a Facebook, but would love to find another way to all stay connected somehow! Let me know if anyone has ideas!
  12. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Welcome hmr5020!!! Congrats! It's always exciting to meet a future fellow classmate! I think if we form a strong "net" we can all help each other succeed! :)
  13. geebs

    Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    @Sadiyyah! Good luck to you! Were you already accepted? Or are you just doing application at this point? I'm trying to get in touch with all of my future classmates!
  14. geebs

    Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    @Sadiyyah -- if you're trying to apply for the Fall 2014 cohort, it may be full. That may be why you can't find the application. Here is the link to the undergraduate application. The program is technically a "transfer undergraduate" program so always follow those instructions when applicable. https://deptapp.drexel.edu/DrexelOnlineApplication/Undergrad/Step1.aspx I hope that helped ! -Geebs
  15. Greetings all!! I am looking for advice from current nurses or current students in accelerated BSN programs that have any advice for a newbie! I have a BA in Biology and currently work in a forensics lab. I have been accepted into an aBSN program that starts March 2015 and I am craving advice on how to prepare, survive and THRIVE in one of these programs. I am open to all advice, but especially tips on what I can do BEFORE the program starts to be at my best once it begins. Thanks so much! I respect all opinions on here and I love the advice and I support I always read on AllNurses threads.