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geebs BSN, RN

Med/Surg, orthopedics
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geebs is a BSN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg, orthopedics.

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  1. geebs

    I Should Be in Jail

    Thank you for sharing. As sad as these stories are, it reassures me just how powerful nurses can be in someone's life.
  2. geebs

    acidosis vs. alkalosis

    Thank you SO much for this!!! I am working through fluid & electrolytes in school right now, and this explanation is invaluable!!!
  3. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Hi atj39! I requested to join the FB group. My name is "Geebs Italia". Thanks :)
  4. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Okay, so I've decided I am going to make a basic FB account just for the ACE group. I have a friend in a PA program and she said the FB page for her class was invaluable. :) Look for my request!
  5. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    Hey Jessica! Yes, I actually only use IG as well!! My username is geeberfever :)
  6. geebs

    Accepted Drexel ACE Spring 2015

    I also do not have a Facebook, but would love to find another way to all stay connected somehow! Let me know if anyone has ideas!
  7. geebs

    Fall '14 Applicants!!!

    I am waiting to hear back from Drexel University...So anxious and excited!
  8. geebs

    Drexel Ace Fall 2014

    Tracyslei- He said the same thing to me!!! I'm SOOO anxious!
  9. geebs

    Drexel Ace Fall 2014

    Hey all!!! So I wrote to Evan and I am still anxiously and obsessively checking the portal to see if I've been accepted! Congrats again to any newly accepted peeps!!! I'm so excited and nervous and antsy! :))
  10. geebs

    Drexel Ace Fall 2014

    slh92088: What is Evan's e-mail address??
  11. geebs

    Drexel Ace Fall 2014

    Hey all! My name is Gina and I also applied for the Fall 2014 ACE class!! Still waiting to hear back, I have had everything submitted for a couple weeks now. I am finishing up my degree in Biology at Arcadia University. Congrats to all who got in! Pray for me!