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  1. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Futurebsnmj thank you thank you!! That took a bit to type out and share and we appreciate it a ton!! The only question I have is where is the SoN link? I've looked around for it and have no idea what this is? LOL! Warmly...
  2. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Oh my goodness futurebsnmj, thank you! I'm a mother with 3 children so any head start I can get on things is truly helpful, thank you for the heads up on the clearance with vaccines, yes will have plenty of time to clear that. A little more rushed fo...
  3. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Wow! Its only 4 credits? The lab and clinical is associated with it and carries no credits? Bummer. Ok this is helpful I'm getting the bigger picture here, looks like I will have to take an extra class to squeeze in those 12 credits. Are you minoring...
  4. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    I'm a direct transfer and actually met with someone yesterday who is going to start her senior year this fall! It was super helpful. Thank you futurebsnmj and DaveyJ84 for your input. Futurebsnmj it sounds like your a direct transfer? Is Nursing Comp...
  5. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Hi everyone, My heart goes out to all of you that have been waiting pins and needles, push through it and keep on going, there is a plan for you! Ms. LPN2013 and LUTE2021 I look forward to meeting you this spring! I know there are a few others in the...
  6. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    I'm personally thankful for the Spring start, it gives me (a mother of 3) time to review and prepare.I have so many questions, does anyone remember what the co-req.'s are? I know there's a religion class. That's it I remember writing down during the ...
  7. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Thanks everyone! Excited to meet all of you, turned in my acceptance letter and paid my deposit today. I think it starting to sink it, still feels surreal!
  8. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    Hi everyone! I'm giddy with excitement! I received my acceptance letter this weekend for the Spring 2018 cohort, best Mother's Day gift ever! I look forward to getting to know all of you who have also gotten accepted! If your still waiting, hold tigh...
  9. Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) BSN 2017-2018

    I dropped my application off two days ago and have my fingers crossed! Good luck with finishing your pre-req.'s!
  10. Plummeting self-esteem

    What a ride this has been. I'm a 35 year old mother of three, all under the age of 11. I have been a licensed massage therapist for the past 15 years. This has been a great career as it has enabled me to be home with my children while only working pa...
  11. Olympic College Nursing 2015

    Hi there, It seems we are the only two here applying for OC!! I applied but didn't get in this year. I'm crossing my fingers for next year and the 'roll-over' point, but even with that it will only give me 13/15 points which I believe is not good eno...
  12. And...done!!!

    So happy for you, way to go!! You did it!!! Celebrate!!!
  13. Olympic College, WA anyone there?

    I just graduated this summer with my associates in pre-nursing and am praying to get into Olympic College, probably not this year, but hopefully next year when I earn my roll-over point. For anyone currently in the program, I'm hoping to get an insi...