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  1. I'm wondering what I should expect salary wise as an RN BSN in the Grand Rapids area with about one yr of Med surg and corrections experience. I also have one yr of experience as an occupational health nurse. I am looking to go back to acute care-either OB or OR but am not sure what to expect for base pay. My first position was at spectrum health and I believe they started off at about $26.60 base pay which does not include any shift differentials. I am wondering what I should expect as fair pay for base pay with the small amount of experience that I have and also what I should expect earn maybe 10 years down the road. I am considering working at Spectrum Health, Mercy Health, or Metro health. I am very fortunate that I have benefits through my husband so I am trying to determine which hospital might be a better fit for my situation. Of course money is not everything but since I do not need health insurance wages will affect my decisions more heavily. I also want to make sure I'm going to a hospital that values their nurses. I know almost all hospitals have issues with understaffing but I do not want to get burned out either. Does anyone have any advice on local hospitals and salary info? I also have a bachelors in business and have worked in business for several years and I'm hoping to move up in management someday and use both my business snd nursing knowledge. Thank you for all of the insight!
  2. Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Hi! I am getting my BSN in Michigan and am graduating summer of 2015 but am also moving to Colorado summer of 2015. Do I have to take my NCLEX in MI and at that time apply to transfer to license to CO or can I just move to CO and take my NCLEX there?
  4. Thank you so much for your input!
  5. Yes. It was making me enter a umich id #...either way I emailed admissions and they said an email denial is fine :)
  6. Has anyone figured out what their university of Michigan id is for those of you who weren't uofm students or grads prior to being accepted or put on the wait list? I created my friend account but can't log in to the students and business area to accept or deny my offer. It's not in any of the emails I received.
  7. I just got wait listed today but will decline on wolverine access since I'm going to msu. Good luck all!
  8. Congrats!!!
  9. Thank you! I ended up choosing msu also!
  10. My gpa was a 3.55 and I finally got into msu. Just keep trying! I was denied 3 times before I got in!
  11. I thought it was a rejection letter also. jmb0514 I'm getting married in Grand Rapids. I'm guessing your an msu alum like me? I forgot, did you apply to states program?
  12. I agree! I really hope it doesn't rain and at least is in the 60s! What city are you getting married in?
  13. I just got that same email-and weird coincidence-I'm getting married May 17 also! Congrats and hope things get less stressful for you! I hope mid May brings you good news!
  14. I was a student at msu a few yrs ago so I only had to apply for readmission
  15. I applied for readmission this fall to the college of natural science so I could take phm 350 this Semester and the college admitted me in about 48 hrs. Not sure what your situation is? I didn't know you could be admitted to the college of nursing without being admitted to the university first
  16. I talked to them maybe 3 weeks ago.

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