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Perioperative Internships in Michigan or Colorado


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had any insight on which hospitals provide perioperative internships or careers with on-the-job-training for new BSN grads for periperative nursing. I am from Michigan and would prefer to stay in MI (especially the Grand Rapids area), but I am also considering the CO area. The only hospitals I know of in MI that offer perioperative internships are Univ. of Mich hospital and Munson in Traverse City. Does anyone know of any others?

I am also interested in ED nursing...please let me know if anyone knows of any hospitals in MI/CO that do internships or on-the-job-training for those positions as well.

Thank you so much for your insight!


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No...there are a lot of hospitals that may hire a newbie and train them. I was hired with no OR experience and trained. Just call around. I know there are a LOT of hospitals in the Grand Rapids area. Just need to see who is hiring. Good luck!

I am also a new grad who secured a position in the OR. They are putting me through Peri-Op 101, and I'm learning a ton. I would think that most hospitals will do the same. I was told by my manager and educator that there is a shortage of experienced OR nurses so I would think this is not just a Texas issue.



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Thank you so much for your input!

I'm in the greater Detroit area and St. John Providence HCS and Henry Ford HCS both have the Periop 101 programs. Good luck!