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Operating room.
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MereSanity specializes in Operating room..

Love working in the OR...specialties include Open Heart, Ortho, general, and I have management experience! I am currently working in the OR as a traveler and am looking to earn my RNFA.

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  1. MereSanity

    I need help!

    So what is your process with instrumentation in the OR? Does every speck of blood need to be off the instruments before sending them to SPD? Or just the majority and then spray before sending them? Our SPD has started requiring us to scrub every spec...
  2. MereSanity

    What chloraprep does everyone use?

    The teal chloraprep is for people with darker skin tones. Easier to see after applied...not for fair complected people. You cannot see the orange on darker skin, you can however see the teal.
  3. MereSanity

    Informed Consent??? Input needed....

    Ours always say laparoscopic possible open, never just gallbladder removal because laparoscopic and open are such different procedures (same outcome) but definitely different.
  4. MereSanity

    Informed Consent??? Input needed....

    Anterior however is supine and on a specialty table whereas a traditional hip replacement is lateral. Completely different positioning and couldn't be changed mid procedure like a chole or valve. And like it or not anterior is a laterality.
  5. OK...I just need input here. We did an Anterior Hip Replacement and the consent only said Total Hip Replacement (no indication of anterior approach). I ticked off the Dr when I asked that "Anterior" be added to the consent. His argument was either...
  6. MereSanity


    I was wondering if there are any hospitals that are open to allow an RN to work toward their RNFA at their facility? I am currently a traveler in the OR and I want to earn my RNFA. Thanks for the info!
  7. MereSanity

    NIFA RNFA program starting

    I would be interested too in this information!
  8. MereSanity

    OR as a new grad

    You gain so much more than you will ever "lose". It's the longest orientation of any specialty for a reason! I could reorient to the floor in a week...however no floor nurse could float to the OR without a ton of orientation! I love the OR!
  9. I had 7.5 years (8 now) and am CNOR certified. I have a lot of experience except I don't have neuro experience (I did open heart another team did neuro so I never did it before). That is a drawback for me but I told them straight up I don't do neur...
  10. MereSanity

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    Yeah...the large can of body spray had no "lip" on it...took forever to get a grip on it.
  11. I'm currently a travel nurse in the OR! Love it and get paid really well because it is such a specialized area. MereSanity BSN, RN, CNOR
  12. I love the OR...been there for 8 years now. Call us trained monkeys but the trick is to think three steps ahead of the surgeon and scrub (helps to know how to scrub too). Also, know what all the equipment and instruments are, what they do, how they...
  13. MereSanity

    Weirdest/most difficult thing swallowed by a patient

    How bout weirdest thing up a rectum? I'm an OR nurse and have taken out a large can of body spray and a remote control from a guys rectum before.
  14. Coblator is usually set lower...setting at 6-9 is normal.
  15. MereSanity

    Wrong side/omitted procedure

    I had this issue today (made me nuts)... Patient came down for surgery on LEFT leg...consent (made out on floor) says RIGHT leg (not like he didn't have a gunshot and wound vac already on the left leg but whatever)...anyway...pre op nurse crosses out...
  16. MereSanity

    Consent issue

    The RN should pick up the patient...make all the necessary checks to see everything is filled out correctly...its your license...and we are the "final" check before the patient comes back to the room. Period. The circulating nurse is responsible fo...