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MommyNurse123 has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/Surg/Ortho/Tele/Onc.

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    Board certified holistic nurse certification

    I've thought about cannabis nursing, but not sure how much longer I am going to be in California. I have to look into which states would be best for that. I'm hugely in favour of expanding patient access to cannabis as a medicine. That is a great resource, thanks, I will definitely check it out! I'm getting chemo certified at my facility as well right now and cannabis goes hand in hand with oncology! Thanks for getting my wheels turning, I'm really in the exploratory phase of expanding my career. I tried getting my Master's a couple years back but only completed one course. I just picked something random to do my Master's (leadership) and just couldn't find the motivation to finish. Kind of glad I didn't, I'm more certain now management is just not my thing.
  2. MommyNurse123

    Board certified holistic nurse certification

    Interested in this as well. I've worked med/surg/ortho for about 8 years and I'm getting really restless. I have no experience in holistic nursing but the pandemic and the way our health care system has responded in such an "unholistic" way has really made me rethink if I want to be a cog in this system. Holistic nursing is calling out to me.
  3. MommyNurse123

    Providing References

    Hi there, I am a newish nurse with three years of experience. I've only been at one job so far. Due to a variety of factors, I think it's time to start looking for a new job. We got a new manager 6 months ago who has turned the unit inside out. Many nurses are leaving due to this hostile work environment. I don't feel like I can work there any longer. I also had a baby recently, so I am looking for a better commute and shorter hours. I am filling out applications and wondering what the protocol is as far as providing references. Do I give references from my current place of employment? I would prefer they didn't know I'm looking for a new job, especially with an unstable and vindictive manager who may ruin things for me. Do I just give professors from nursing school? How do most people deal with this? Thanks!
  4. MommyNurse123

    New Grad - Need Some Advice

    Thank you both for your replies! They are definitely what I needed to hear. Somehow after my manager spoke to me I spent two days feeling like the world was caving in. You gave me some perspective. Hopefully I can grow from this and become a better nurse. icuRNmaggie I think you are correct that this was probably one nurse who likes to stir the pot. The charge nurse who works all the same nights as me is quite critical and big gossip, constantly trash talking people behind their backs, and only sometimes saying how she feels to people's faces. She is a strong nurse with a lot of power, so what she says holds a lot of weight. I have a feeling it was she who spoke to my manager. I will not confront her, I will just spend a lot of effort trying to prove her wrong.
  5. MommyNurse123

    New Grad - Need Some Advice

    Hi there, I need some advice/support. I have been working as a nurse for about 8 months. I was extremely extremely fortunate to have found a job, as I live in an area where the job market for new grads is just impossible. I got into a new grad program at a great hospital, and overall I love my job. I am the only new grad on the unit, and there haven't been new grads in this hospital in a long while, so I often feel alone in my status as a newbie. I get absolutely no feedback from my manager or from coworkers (except negative feedback from my manager when I do something wrong). I basically have to constantly evaluate my own progress, but overall I am always doubting myself and wondering if I am doing okay. I get along well with my coworkers, and patients always tell me I am a great nurse. I assumed I was doing fine. This week, after three night shifts, my boss called me into her office and said she needed to talk to me. She said that some coworkers were complaining that "you do a lot of sitting" and that "you are always asking others for help, but never offering help to others." I was pretty devastated. I've spent the last two days crying my eyes out and feeling like an absolute and utter failure. I've had an extremely difficult year (I was finishing up my BSN while working full time with two small kids at home, plus some other personal and family issues). But I felt like I put my heart and soul into my job, and am now being told that basically people think I am lazy and don't pull my weight on the unit. I am an introvert, more on the quiet side, so I definitely know I need to improve on being more proactive about offering help. But I am always the first to jump up for bed alarms or beeping IVs, I never ignore telephones or call lights as some of my coworkers do, when there is an admit on the unit I always go to the room to offer help. Just this week I offered to give a 6 AM medications to someone else's patient because he had a difficult night and was fed up with this patient. A different coworker was busy, I gave his patient pain medication. I'm not sure if I'm more upset by my boss's words because I feel they are unfair, or because maybe I feel there is some truth to it. Maybe I don't do enough on the unit? Maybe people interpret my quiet pensiveness as laziness. Maybe I don't offer help as much as I should because I have so much insecurity as a new grad I figure people don't need my help. What hurt even more is my boss said to me "you were chosen out of 1000 applicants to the new grad program, so they must have seen some potential in you." Almost like, not sure what they were thinking when they hired you, but they must have seen something. I feel like the standards are too high, I feel like I am underachieving, and I feel like I am one big disappointment. I am embarrassed to show my face at work on Sunday night. I had no idea my coworkers felt this way about me. I set up a meeting with my manager tomorrow because I was too caught off guard when she spoke to me to defend myself properly. I want to tell her that I think those claims are unfair, but at the same time I plan to do everything in my power to change my behavior and not just help people, but maybe be more vocal about doing it, so they realize I am helping. I'd appreciate any words of support or advice you guys have. Being a new grad is just so difficult, especially when I get no feedback or affirmation. I hate this constant self-doubt, and wish I had more confidence. Thanks!