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  1. NurseGirl525

    Coursera Classes

    A few weeks ago someone had posted on here about coursera. I looked into it and signed up for a couple of courses and I must say I absolutely loved it!! I am taking a neurobiology course through The University of Chicago right now and it has been g...
  2. NurseGirl525

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    Let me say this, I'm 40, not a young twenty-something pretty girl. You know, the ones always complaining of jealousy. I've got PCOS, oh no!! I gotta worry about "the diabetes"!! I'm overweight. Most people think, old, fat, which equals unhealthy...
  3. NurseGirl525

    Overweight Healthcare Workers

    You know, you can be overweight, and healthy. Just sayin. Signed, An overweight girl, who probably has a better sugar, cholesterol, BP, and HR, than most thin people. P.S. Thin, does not, equal healthy. I think this whole post is skewed.
  4. NurseGirl525

    Marijuana and Nurses

    Every place does a drug test before you are hired. It's illegal here federally.
  5. NurseGirl525

    Charting/Assessment Struggles

    If I miss something, I go back and assess it and chart it. I never go off of the previous nurse. Many times I am charting my initial assessment and realize I missed something. I get up, go into the room, and assess the items I missed. Its my ass...
  6. NurseGirl525

    School and sterile gloving

    I just took my one pair of sterile gloves that came in my supplies and pretended they were sterile and practiced opening and putting them on over and over again. It takes practice, that is all.
  7. NurseGirl525

    Would it kill you to say thank you?

    On a completely unrelated topic. What the **** is up with autocorrect? My English grammar is atrocious but autocorrect is actually managing to mess it up even worse than I do (and that's no mean feat ) 75% of my grammar and spelling errors are from m...
  8. NurseGirl525

    Feeling extremely underappreciated

    I understand you are a paramedic, but your scope of practice is that if a tech. Many ERs use paramedics as techs, I'm going to venture a guess and say it's because of the ACLS or in your case PALS certification that can come in handy in a trauma. Y...
  9. NurseGirl525

    alright Nurses...what is your dream job?!

    It's a varying level of things for me. Great teamwork on a unit, excellent benefits provided by a company, a company that understands my life is not my job. After that pay. Then location. You can have the highest paying job in the world, but if the ...
  10. NurseGirl525

    Feeling extremely underappreciated

    So, your saying all the nurses do is sit there and play on their phones, while you run around doing everything? Who's assessing, passing meds, getting lab results, calling report, and discharging? Oh and let's not forget the massive amount of chart...
  11. Why do you have to have a student nurse position?
  12. NurseGirl525

    When the Bubble Bursts

    This is an awesome post that everyone should read and take heed of. You can't take care of others if you don't first take care of yourself. It may be hard, especially when you also have a family to take care of, but make a little you time. Even i...
  13. NurseGirl525

    Peers very Unsupportive

    I have read through your posts and I have yet to see anything unsupportive to you. What I am gathering is you have been trying to decide for well over a year. You feel most schools are disorganized and you at one point enrolled in a medical assistin...
  14. Toothbrush, tampons, hairspray, water, excedrin, Motrin.
  15. NurseGirl525

    Applying at my local hospital

    I'm sure there is. They don't want their sitters who have the very important job of watching patients who are a harm to themselves and others, high.
  16. NurseGirl525

    In NICU, but I want to quit Nursing completely

    You have to realize, ICU is a unit for the most critically ill and you are going to experience much death in it. Including NICU. NICU is not just babies that are born too small and go home in a few weeks. You will see codes. You will experience de...
  17. You are missing the point completely. Pre-Med students in sure think they have their path planned out, but I'm sure many change their minds. Unless your whole Pre-Med student experience is your friend. If you want to close your mind to others tha...
  18. Agree. Med students do rotations in all areas. I work at a treaching hospital. I see med students every day I work. The reason why people are saying these things to you is because it's very difficult to get into the specialty you want right off th...
  19. NurseGirl525

    correct way to administer synergistic medications:

    Here is what I do. i would administer one of the norcos. I wait 30 minutes. If they are still in pain, I administer the second. Usually that works, PO meds yes take longer to take affect, but last way longer than the dilaudid abd that is how I ex...
  20. NurseGirl525

    Will volunteering help with finding a job as new grad?

    This is wrong on so many levels. I do not delegate a darn thing to my techs. Do I ask for help with a turn or bath, yes I do. I don't delegate anything and neither do any of my coworkers. But, if I decided to delegate something, it's their job to...
  21. NurseGirl525

    Catching something from patients?

    I suggest you take a microbiology class to see how things are transmitted. Second, do you not think we wear protective gear and wash up constantly? Proper hand hygiene is a requirement to being a nurse. If you are having theses intense fears before...
  22. NurseGirl525

    I think I don't want to be a Nurse anymore.

    Am I reading correctly though that you have a 100% in each class? I took 2 sciences at once and it wasn't a big deal. Nursing is a science major. Bachelor of SCIENCE in Nursing. Yes, you work your butt off in nursing school. More so than the prere...
  23. NurseGirl525

    Catching something from patients?

    You are more likely to catch something from a shopping cart.
  24. NurseGirl525

    Will volunteering help with finding a job as new grad?

    No, not usually. Are you a nurse yet, or getting ready to graduate? Maybe see if there are tech jobs available if you are still a student? Volunteers rarely interact with the staff. Nobody would really know who you are or how good of a worker you...
  25. NurseGirl525

    Quitting a job without another lined up

    Good luck.