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    Lvn Programs in San Diego

    I have been looking into LVN programs in San Diego, but besides the local community college I can only seem to find Grossmont Health Occupation Center. I know that there are schools like Kaplan & Concorde but they cost almost 40, 000, which I feel is way to much. My only problem with the local JC is that they require pre requisites which is going to take a couple semesters to complete then there's a waiting list on top of that. Right now I'm leaning towards Grossmont Health Occupation Center because its only 2900, but the next class isn't until August 2014. So my question is does anyone know of any other programs or if not cheap or free CNA classes so I can at least do that while I wait for the LVN program. Also has anyone taken the LVN course at Grossmont Health Occupation Center, if so how was it?
  2. JamikaC

    new grad..I beg your honest critique for my resume..pls

    Hi I am planning on applying for GHOC for Fall 2014 but I wanted to ask you what was your score on the TEAS exam before getting accepted. Also was it hard to be accepted & is the TEAS the only determination for weather or not u get in?