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  1. Thank you! Do you mind asking which state you are in? Our BON doesn't give guidelines for this..
  2. I have heard mixed things about this! If students are assigned a module prior to coming to lab/sim then do they get credit for completing the module? Say if they spent an hour prepping for lab and then 3 hours in lab do they get credit for 4 lab hours total? Thanks!
  3. kfynn589


    I am thinking of going here for my msn.. already have my bsn. I want to do it for education. Has anyone completed this program? How was your experience? Did you find it hard to get a teaching job after an online program instead of a more traditional program?
  4. kfynn589

    Flushing JP Drain

    I have flushed them many times.. with an order of course. Our policy is to disconnect, clean with alcohol wipe, flush, clean, reconnect. (The very simple version). You will need to check with your policy.. I am surprised some facilities don't do it! Health care amazes me because it is so different from place to place!!! I remember changing jobs and my previous employer got rid of CPM machines because research had shown little benefit and then the next facility swore by them!
  5. kfynn589

    What is your sched as a professor??

    I am getting ready to start my journey to get my MSN. I have had to post pone it for a couple years now due to personal reasons and now I will finally be ready in the fall! I was wondering, what a typical ADN or BSN full time professor schedule is? I know this will vary widely depending on schools but could you give me an idea what your schedules have been if you have had a job like this? I know this is a long ways off for me, but I am a planner and was very curious :).
  6. kfynn589

    post conference

    Thanks everyone for your answers! Lots of different things to do!
  7. kfynn589

    post conference

    Hello, I am looking for some ideas for post conference for my nursing students. I now only have 4 nursing students in my clinical group and now have more time then previous groups (I had 8 in my last clinical group). Here are some things we do: 1. Talk about the day, each student pro/con, what they learned and what they want to learn the next day/what they want to work on 2. SBAR of their day 3. 10 NCLEX prep questions 4. we review a different lab value/diagnosis each week: each student takes a turn presenting something i.e. BUN, troponin, PE's. Then I elaborate on it including pathophysiology or associated issues Now that I only have 4 students we seem to get done with everything early. I am wondering what other instructors have done in post conference and what other students have enjoyed and found beneficial to their learning.
  8. kfynn589

    Wrongful termination?

    That sounds terrible! Just wondering what are you hoping to get out of hiring a lawyer? Seriously not trying to be rude just straight up curious. Did you contact them when they cc'd you on that email? If it was my I would want my pay for 3 weeks, but maybe they would have to pay a fine too??
  9. kfynn589

    Some insite on doing LPN before RN

    As PP said the title and the question are different. I will answer both: Yes it is most valuable to get you LNA before RN because you get experience, not being a nurse but in the field in general. LPN there are mixed feelings. Yes because of nursing experience. No because it can still be expensive to get your LPN. Also, it will take you about 12 months. Also someone once told me that LPN to RNs have the lowest NCLEX-RN pass rate (I never looked into this just something I heard in passing so I can't say for sure).
  10. kfynn589

    Nurse Residency at DHMC in New Hampshire

    I did the residency in 2011. Best place I have worked. I relocated and had to leave (created a 2+ hour commute, but needed to live here for personal life). It is a great hospital to work for - especially after you have experienced others. There is much room for growth and education. The nurses are valued by the physicians a lot! I never had a day there without learning something new!
  11. kfynn589

    Which is a better learning experience for RN position?

    If you can't get into a hospital look into working for a Kindred facility. My friend had worked there and she said it was an amazing experience. Not like a typical long term care, its sounds like it is a subacute, they have vented patients and stuff like that.. I think they give blood and all that jazz. You would learn a ton.. especially where you want to do OR or ICU.
  12. kfynn589

    Hopeless Nursing Grad

    Are you close with any of your instructors who would review the content with you? What is your learning style. I know personally I am an independent learning so I studied by doing NCLEX questions daily (10 a day while in school, 100-500 a day between graduation and NCLEX). I know my friends who were not independent learners went to group studies and Kaplan and such.
  13. kfynn589

    Which is a better learning experience for RN position?

    I work in Mass and understand you having a difficult time. Great news is you will be starting a BSN program in September. I do not know where in Mass you live, but I am very familiar (grew up and now work there from NH). I know that the smaller hospitals like Winchester and Melrose-Wakefield will hire ADN nursing who are enrolled in BSN programs. If you apply and do not hear back I HIGHLY recommend you finding the DON's email and contacting them that way or by phone. I work with a nurse who couldn't get a job when moving to Mass and so she emailed the DON her resume and stated how she applied to the hospital x amount of times and couldn't get an interview - the DON called her for a phone interview and she was hired!! Make sure you mention your BSN enrollment. I truly recommend this... if you do it please let me know how it works out for you!!!
  14. I would imagine they only want an LPN because they pay them less then RNs. I would continue with your plan. Pre-reqs expire and then you would have to start all over.
  15. kfynn589

    Which is a better learning experience for RN position?

    What are your goals with your career? Do you want to eventually work in an ICU, FT school nurse, office RN, etc? Once we know that we would probably better be able to answer your question. I would assume for most jobs.. if you want to get to a hospital, the assisted living would be best. It is hard to say though.
  16. kfynn589

    Nursing school too hard on purpose?

    As you have said, nursing takes all sorts of people. As an instructor I would LOVE to be able to pass all my students. I do not "weed people out" nor do I think most instructors do. There are two very basic ways to evaluate a student: 1. Can they follow the rules, policies, protocols etc 2. do they possess the skill set required to pass onto the next level. If clinical starts at 07:00 why do people get upset if they are sent home at 07:01? I do not get it. Why does that rule not apply? Yes it is just 1 minute, but it STARTS at 0700 not 0701. Strict? I guess in some eyes? But that is the rule so why shouldn't you be held accountable? How is allowing someone to come late fair to the students who wake up early and push themselves to be on time? Why should they get the same treatment. The first day of clinical I sent someone home for being 18 minutes late. One of the other students went to my DON to tell her that she was happy I did that and that there was accountability because she felt it wasn't fair that student got away with so much. So you may think that the teachers are weeding people out when in reality they are upholding the rules.