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  1. Angel Jade

    Failed first exam :(

    Don't be too hard on yourself. I have noticed with my classmates and I that we do the poorest on our first test of the class. You never know how the first test will be so it's hard. Once you get used to your instructors testing style your grades will get better and better. I have gotten a few test grades in the 60s!
  2. Angel Jade

    Is being an lvn really that great?

    I plan to be an RN, but I chose to become an LPN first. I am 4 months away from graduating. I have 3 little girls, and a day RN program was not practical for me because I take care of my daughters during the day, so I go to school part time evenings and weekends. I love the idea of getting a few years experience as a nurse before getting my RN and BSN. I don't believe it is a step back but rather a stepping stone. After graduation, I am moving to my home state of NH, where LPNs make about $28 an hour, which I will certainly be happy with. My nursing instructor worked as an LPN for 10 years before getting her RN and she said she breezed right through the bridge program because of it. If you are second guessing the journey you are on, there may be a reason for it. If your mom got sick and an LPN is taking care of your mom and she's inspiring you, that may be the answer to your prayers/confusion. Your pre-requisites have not been taken in vain, you will need them for the RN program when you're ready. You can always apply for an LVN program and take the entrance exam and see what happens and go from there! Hope this helps!
  3. Angel Jade

    NHTI Fall 2019?

    Hi! How is the program going? Do they offer day and evening classes or just day? I am looking into it when I move back to New Hampshire.
  4. Angel Jade

    Frustrated and Unofficial

    Congrats! I hope you are liking the program so far! 🙂
  5. Thank you! The evening program starts a few weeks before my baby is due...so it will be a little crazy but my husband plans to help out. However, the day program starts 4 months after baby is due. So we will see. I will definitely send an update! Two years until kindergarten is a long time away. You could become an LPN within that time. 🙂 I have been waiting/wanting to start nursing school for 7 years. Being home with my children has always come first, so I know what you are feeling.
  6. I'm in a similar position! I applied for an evening/weekend part time LPN program and I really hope to get in. I have a 7 year old, a 4 year old and I am expecting my third child in May. I homeschool my children during the day (only 4 hours a day.) If I don't get into that program, they also offer a full time day program. But that is my plan B, because it will change family life/ homeschool a lot. I believe I could do either program, but part time will be a much better fit.
  7. Angel Jade

    LPN program in May?!

    Thank you so much!!
  8. Angel Jade

    LPN program in May?!

  9. Angel Jade

    LPN program in May?!

    Thank you!! I'm glad you like the program. I'm hoping to get into the evening program. Do you remember if clinical days start right away or after a few weeks/months? Are you planning to work as an LPN right after graduation?

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