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  1. trepeace

    Should I become an LVN?

    I am an LVN (LPN) now. The unfortunate truth is that CNAs do the most work but the healthcare field in general is demanding. If I get a break, its usually not at the same time everyday.
  2. trepeace

    "Smart" students make bad nurses?

    In general, that is usually true b/c people that are good with books don't always do well with hands on and vice versa. Like all blanket statements there are always exceptions to the rules. I was an excellent student and I have been told I am an excellent nurse.
  3. trepeace

    ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    So did you guys get a response from Indiana yet?
  4. trepeace

    Favorite Nurse Quote?

    Pills pay the bills!
  5. trepeace

    ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016

    Hello! I am also applying for 2016. I didn't realize they turned people away. I received a letter today stating they may not get the opportunity to review all my information since it was not received b/f Sept. 1. I think I just bugged them to death is all. I hope I am able to start in the spring if not I guess I will go to plan B.
  6. trepeace

    Seniority rules right?

    Welp, I learned from that situation. Resident recovered fully. I quit that job and got another one paying more money and working with less shady people. As it turns out there were some problems with her day charge nurse and she tried to pawn it off on me but everyone couldn't get their lie together. Yes, yes, yes, I should have documented but I did not. It's over now. :)
  7. trepeace

    Nurses need a pedometer

    Awesome! I'm getting one!
  8. trepeace

    Advice for a stuttering nurse

    (Hugs) I stutter also. I would recommend practicing common phrases. Anxiety worsens the problem no doubt. Admit you are nervous. Try applying at some "less desirable" places. In all honesty, I pray. Moses had a stuttering problem too. Best of luck!
  9. trepeace

    nursing eating young

    I am a new graduate LPN and it has been my experience that some nurses eat their young and some nurture their young. I have been in the field approximately 3 months and I work in long-term care. My full-time job stinks because they eat their young. The person that trained me started 2 weeks before me (she has 22 years experience) and most of what she taught me was wrong. They leave me things to do with the fullest of intentions to see me fail so that they can gripe. Except for a couple of the older nurses, no one will help me with anything. The CNAs won't even listen to me. The DON won't address the issue and the administrator? Not sure what her stand is on anything. On the other hand, my prn job. They are awesome! I love that place but they pay less. The nurses are more seasoned and kind. They take the time to explain everything. They are awesome. The difference (I think) is in the field of nursing, you need your team. It is hard if not impossible to accomplish anything without a team. At the same time you are responsible for everything that happens under your care so no one is willing to take a chance and help anyone else because they are busy covering their own behind. That's why they eat their young. :)
  10. trepeace

    Job Offer

    One of the leading hospitals in GA if not the leading hospital had the nerve to offer my pennies to start in one of their facilities. I was so surprised, I didn't know what to say.
  11. trepeace

    Liability Insurance

    Soooo does anyone have a nurse insurance (liability) policy? If so, with whom? How much is the coverage? How much coverage do you have? and Was there a waiting period before it became active?
  12. trepeace

    Considering an online bridge program

    Wow! Thanks for the reply. I hope she wasn't in GA lol.
  13. trepeace

    I feel like I'm going to get fired.

    Maybe its just too fast pace. Go to a slower atmosphere.
  14. trepeace

    Fall 2013 LPN program start

    1: what date you start/ school name, August 23 /GPTC 2: how long is your program, 10.5 months 3: why are you becoming an lpn.., So that I can earn while I work on my RN 4: how much is your program ~$7,000 5: how many lecture hrs, and clinical hrs , I'm not sure.

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