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  1. Hi I've been intrested in becoming a nurse for some time now..my grandmother and aunt are LPNS. I will be starting at SELU in the fall. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight ..I've tried researching a little..with not much help.. Is southeastern traditional nursing program any good? How aboutthe instructors? Ive heard the min GPA being a 3.5 to get in. I know I will be a lot of hard work to do..anyone been threw it here and have any advice? I'm nervous and anxious to start the pre reqs so I can apply and pray I can get in.. I also looked and thought about Brcc but I heard they won't transfer the pre reqs from anywhere for thier nursing programs..is that true?? Kind of disapointing in a way. I'VE heard good and bad thinginstall?every school though.. and if any one has recently graduated from SELU nursing had any trouble finding a job after graduation?How difficult is it to get accepted into the program initally I don't want to get my hopes up..I really want to be a nurse but don't want to be let down. Any info is much appreciateThank you.
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    Possible Selu student intrested in nursing.

    Thank you for replying.I am glad you posted that I didn't even think about that school but I will definitely look into it. I have the summer for researching schools..Lol but SELU was my first choice due to transportation issues at the time and SELU is the closest thing to me. I'VE wanted to be a nurse or have been intrested in the area for quite some time now. This is why I'm glad I decided to post on here. I've gotten a lot of insight and help from this site: ) ty for your input.
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    Possible Selu student intrested in nursing.

    Thanks for that and sorry about your situation I thought about taking the long route then going back but everyone I know that's a nurse has been pushing me to go all the way in the long run..I have no kids or anything to worry about at the time so that's not an issue..Im just trying to find the best options for myself. I appreciate your input. I'll try my luck with the program reqs and if all else fails I'll figure it out thank you for your reply: )