Possible Selu student intrested in nursing.


Hi I've been intrested in becoming a nurse for some time now..my grandmother and aunt are LPNS. I will be starting at SELU in the fall. I was wondering if anyone can give me any insight

..I've tried researching a little..with not much help.. Is southeastern traditional nursing program any good? How aboutthe instructors? Ive heard the min GPA being a 3.5 to get in. I know I will be a lot of hard work to do..anyone been threw it here and have any advice? I'm nervous and anxious to start the pre reqs so I can apply and pray I can get in.. I also looked and thought about Brcc but I heard they won't transfer the pre reqs from anywhere for thier nursing programs..is that true?? Kind of disapointing in a way. I'VE heard good and bad thinginstall?every school though.. and if any one has recently graduated from SELU nursing had any trouble finding a job after graduation?How difficult is it to get accepted into the program initally I don't want to get my hopes up..I really want to be a nurse but don't want to be let down. Any info is much appreciateThank you.


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I took all my pre reqs at SELU, and didn't get into the nursing program. My GPA was a 3.3, and the cutoff was a 3.6 Spring 2012. Fall 2009 it was 3.4. I had a couple of bad semesters, (health issues, mom died) and it's haunted me ever since. I had more Bs than As, so I didn't get in. I thought I would just go to another nursing school but that one bad semester lowered my cum. GPA enough to where I can't get into any other RN program, even though I took all my pre-reqs already and scored a 93 on my HESI. I beat myself up for a long time before I realized I'm not a bad student, the RN programs are just ridiculously competitive.

So I kinda look at my 2 1/2 years at SELU as a waste of time, because I didn't need most of all those classes I took to get into an LPN program, (got accepted into 2 but can't go right now) and I likely won't get into an RN program in time to use them. Now I'm working as a CNA until I'm able to go to LPN school full time.

If I could do it all over again, I would have gotten my CNA while in high school, then started on LPN straight out of high school. Then taken all those pre-reqs online while getting my year of required work experience as an LPN, and finally, found an LPN-RN program, (SELU has one) which is not as competitive. An advisor there said that the GPA for that is around a 3.0 I think.

Thanks for that and sorry about your situation I thought about taking the long route then going back but everyone I know that's a nurse has been pushing me to go all the way in the long run..I have no kids or anything to worry about at the time so that's not an issue..Im just trying to find the best options for myself. I appreciate your input. I'll try my luck with the program reqs and if all else fails I'll figure it out thank you for your reply: )


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I did my prereqs at SELU before applying to LSUHSC-SON in New Orleans, which is a BSN program like SELU. The only advice I can really offer is make sure you research other schools before settling on one. I new I wasn't going to have the GPA to get in to SELU's nursing program, so I didn't even bothering on applying. I applied to LSU and got in on my first try, three years later I am now studying for boards and have already accepted a job offer. Do the best you can while at SELU, but know that there are other nursing schools. If BSN is the route you want to go then definitely check out http://www.nursing.lsuhsc.edu in addition to talking to the nursing advisers at SELU. Good luck with your future!

Thank you for replying.I am glad you posted that I didn't even think about that school but I will definitely look into it. I have the summer for researching schools..Lol but SELU was my first choice due to transportation issues at the time and SELU is the closest thing to me. I'VE wanted to be a nurse or have been intrested in the area for quite some time now. This is why I'm glad I decided to post on here. I've gotten a lot of insight and help from this site: ) ty for your input.


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I'm planning on applying to the SELU accelerated nursing program for fall 2014...I just went to meet with an advisor and was told that they just recently changed how they accept nursing students. Instead of looking at your cumulative GPA, they look at your pre-req GPA now and only allow you to re-take one course (like if you get a C in biology and re-take it and get an A the second time so that your final grade will be a B). I was told they decided on this because people were going back and re-taking failed courses multiple times until they got A's and boosted their overall cumulative GPA a lot. She said that the GPA of the last class admitted was lower than previous years because of this switch so depending on how good your pre-req grades are that can be a good thing!


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Did you try again for the fall? GPA cutoffs are WAY lower now, according to multiple people that I talked to in the Nursing department. I think it was somewhere around a 3.4.... way lower than the 3.6/3.7 I've heard it being in the past.


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Hey there. I just wanted to give you a bit of advice. Regardless of where you end up going to nursing school, you may not know if you like nursing or not until you get in a program unless you've worked in the medical field before...and even then, you may not know for sure. I graduate in a couple weeks from SELUs nursing program, but I started with a few people that THOUGHT this was what they wanted to to because everyone in their family did this. One person I was very close to found out she didn't want to be a nurse after she made it through her first semester of nursing school, and went into a depression for a long time over dropping out. She struggled with what to tell her family, and it was a bit of a mess for her. Now, she sees me graduating, and has seen what I've gone through and is so glad she decided to drop out and major in something else. I guess I'm just trying to say, regardless of what your family tells you, nursing isn't the only profession in the world. Now...if you feel like nursing IS for you, there are a TON of ways to get into it. I wouldn't recommend an LPN track or anything else. In the BR area, there are ADN programs, and even still a diploma program for you to get your RN. You can always go back and get your BSN from an RN-BSN track if you need to. Just remember to keep your head held high, and keep working hard toward your goal.


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I graduated from SELU in 2012. It is a great program. There is no minimum GPA, but you are ranked against other applicants based on GPA in prerequisite courses. I had 6 job offers right out of school including two ICU offers. Now that I have worked with students from other schools, I can truly say SELU prepares their graduates better than other programs I've seen. My last semester of clinicals we had up to 5 patients at a time. Most schools I see in the hospital have significantly less hands on experience. When I started my first job I felt very prepared.