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  1. Arizona - Abrazo & Kindred

    Anyone have any experience or heard anything about Abrazo Arrowhead, Abrazo West Campus, Kindred Phoenix, or Kindred NW Phoenix? Any info/experience would be appreciated!
  2. Texas Endorsement

    Ok, thanks. I figured since the website specifically says 10 business days, rather than a timeframe, that there must've been a problem or something.
  3. Texas Endorsement

    Anyone have any recent experience? It's been 14 business days since they've received the initial application, and still no info when I check the status. Of course, no one's taking any calls at the BON either...
  4. AANP NP boards Advice

    For some reason when I read 1000 practice hours, my mind kept thinking 10,000 hours. Thanks for all your advice! :)
  5. AANP NP boards Advice

    I graduated this spring with an MSN FNP degree. Due to some unforeseen personal reasons, I am planning on doing some travel nursing as an RN for at least a year. Since I'm not planning on practicing as an NP for at least a year, what do you guys rec...
  6. I am planning to start travel nursing, and applied for endorsement in Cali. This is about the time that I should finally be getting my license (15 weeks and counting so far), and I just found out this week that my application will be going to enforce...
  7. Expungements & RN licensing

    What did they say?
  8. A Headache is not an emergency

    Exactly. Just finished my FNP program. Most MDs and NPs I followed in clinicals gave out antibiotics like candy. No one wants to hear option #2 after they've been waiting for awhile. Unfortunate.
  9. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    What's sad is that I did that 2 weeks ago, and I got a response, but I still don't have my temp or permanent. The supervisor just repeated what the timeline is. I think so many people are doing it now, it's not working anymore =/.
  10. Waiting on fingerprints, do I fly in for live scan??????

    How do you get the temp in a week or 2? I did the live scan and paid for a temp, and still don't have the temp 14+ weeks later =/
  11. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Yea.. they received my app on 3/9, and the temp license pending didn't show up on Breeze until 5/10. Still pending... Completely over the 10-12 week timeframe for my temp as of right now. Still no news.
  12. Anyone have any experience, good or bad, with those agencies in California? This will be my first time traveling, and all the posts that I've searched for are a couple of years old. Any experience and opinions would be appreciated!
  13. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    They received my application on March 9, and they are finally processing the 1st 2 weeks of March! I also did the live scan. I am 14 weeks and counting, have not received my temporary yet either (even though it says 10-12 weeks). Will hopefully get m...
  14. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    For those of you who have received a Cali license: My status is still pending for both my license by endorsement and temp license on Breeze. I do see 2 different RN numbers (I'm assuming). I'm confused on if these are my license numbers, and why it'...
  15. Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Happyful -- or anyone else that can help, Question about the Breeze account? I sent in my application and live scan on 3/4. I created a Breeze account, but how does my application and my breeze account end up linking up? Do they search my name/inform...