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  1. Er nurse to ir nurse

    I totally geek out about IR. I loved it-just my past 2 supervisors were techs and just didn't "get it" with regards to the nurses. I've worked in a large teaching/trauma hospital, and a small community hospital. Both were really neat and very differe...
  2. I give up on IR

    Sounds like you don't have a problem then GaryRay lol. Good for you. Both hospitals had Cath labs with nurse managers. I just don't get it. What's different about IR?? One facility I was at bled staff to the Cath lab. The only reason I didn't transf...
  3. Lazy Nursing

    Uummm bbuuttt.....if she's an LPN, she shouldbe getting oversight by an RN. Soooooo someone ELSE is being lazy also lol. Ultimately it's going to be that agency's patients and reputation that suffer. Meaning business. Which affects the bottom line. W...
  4. Nursing in IR department

    This is why I gave up on IR. It is a FANTASTIC specialty, and I loved it. But I will NOT work for a radiology tech ever again. I had never had the amount of disciplinary actions (write ups) taken against me in my entire nursing career of 13 years as ...
  5. Policy breach.

    We sedate during a UAE and have the PCA ready for afterwards. But I've seen floor nurses who didn't know how to hook one up properly. I would have gone to administration. Sounds like that department needs a major shake up. They're gonna kill somebody...
  6. I give up on IR

    Arkansas. I moved here from Mississippi. From a gigantic hospital to a small, private one. Same both places. My boss was a tech. Granted, one was the director of the Radiology department, but a rad tech nonetheless. It's unsettling, especially when y...
  7. I give up on IR

    After over 5 years in IR, I give up. I love the specialty, but I refuse to work for another non-nurse. I have never had the trouble in my nursing career as when I worked in IR. I give up trying to justify my actions to a rad tech. It's not right. And...
  8. IR inpatient vs Outpatient

    In the inpatient setting, you'll probably have to take call.
  9. Y'all, join the AFCNA-American Foot Care Nurses Association. There is a blog there with fantastic information from nurses who have run successful footcare businesses.
  10. Foot care specialty

    Hi guys. I'm interested in foot care too. I asked the BON where I was at the time (Mississippi) and they were VERY specific that trimming of toenails is considered an ADL. And that if you're specially trained, you can do diabetic/difficult toenails. ...
  11. Who can write annual review?

    I had the same problem when I started in Interventional Radiology. My first suporvisor told me she was a tech and my jaw dropped. I made enough noise and we eventually got a sort of a nursing supervisor. I believe it's a Joint Commision requirement. ...
  12. Chemoembo

    Sorry just saw this!! I was referring to UMMC in Jackson Mississippi at the time
  13. Mobile IV infusions... for hangovers

    Yea THAT. I would definitely skip the mag. Little dextrose, little Na, some vitamins.
  14. Chemoembo

    Hi IR nurses! Just curious--who does liver chemoemolizations and have any of y'all used a radial approach? We just started the radial access where usually it was femoral. Seems patients like it better. Any hematomas? Other problems? Thanks, R...
  15. CFCN Foot Care Eligibility Changes

    How do I go about getting the "rest" of my CE/clinical hours for the CFCN exam? I completed the UWEC course, but it only offered 8 clinical hours because it originated before the requirements changed for the test. Anyone else having trouble complet...