My lead suit...

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...SMELLS LIKE MILDEW!!! (The top, inside the back where we sweat.) Anyone have any suggestions?? I sprayed it with Staphene (hospital-strength Lysol) to kill the actual mildew, but it is still a little rank. Febreeze?? Will soap and water damage the lead? EEWWW!!


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Can you go to the manufacturer's website and find cleaning instructions? Best way to preserve the function of the lead without damaging it is to follow their recommendations. If that isn't possible, try contacting the radiation safety officer.


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I would try a 1:4 solution of bleach and water only on the inside in the problem areas.



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We take ours down to sterile processing. They lay the lead on these racks and put them in a huge dishwasher looking thing, it's where they sterilize the stainless cases for instruments used in the OR. We take it on Friday and Monday it's clean and dry and smells so much better!