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  1. IR nursing without ICU experience?

    I’ve been in IR 15 years and never worked ICU. You will be fine! It’s actually not a requirement at our hospital though helpful. Good luck!
  2. A Fib in a young person...

    If she hasn't already seen one, it may prove beneficial to see a really good Electrophysiologist that specializes in diagnosis treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.
  3. Patient is on the psych unit and believes that he is Hannibal Lecter and the nurse is Clarice, the detective since she is always asking him questions. So he is demonstrating what he thinks she hears when the lambs scream at night. The nurse (aka C...
  4. A snake in the patient's room!!
  5. RN to BSN school suggestions

    I took nutrition and sociology in the ADN program. Took high school chemistry. I'm currently enrolled in the online RN-BSN program at The University of Alabama and had to take intro to Biology for non-biology majors OR chemistry. I took the intro ...
  6. Has anyone done the MSN through WGU? I'm confused as to which online MSN program to go thru. I work full time and I'm 52 years old. Gotta get done sooner than later, lol. I am currently in the RN-BSN program at UA.
  7. RN to MSN

    UAB.edu offers a msn/nursing informations track.
  8. University of Alabama Tuscaloosa RN-MSN

    I have enrolled at UA in the online distance learning, RN to BSN program and start nursing classes in the Summer 2016. Any tips/suggestions appreciated. Roll Tide Roll.
  9. My lead suit...

    We take ours down to sterile processing. They lay the lead on these racks and put them in a huge dishwasher looking thing, it's where they sterilize the stainless cases for instruments used in the OR. We take it on Friday and Monday it's clean and ...
  10. Anyone else regret this?

    And be wary of the nurse that "knows all the answers."
  11. Did you have to go to the college for proctored exams? Or log on for the exam via a proctoring service? I'm just starting this journey and need chemistry, statistics and some math classes. Haven't been in college since 1990! I still work full tim...
  12. Did you attend your RN-BSN graduation?

    I am 51 years old, enrolled in the RN to BSN program through The University of Alabama, about to finish my first semester back in college since 1990. I do plan on participating in the graduation ceremonies - because my youngest child will also gradu...
  13. office for macbook air

    how about microsoft office online? I use it It's nice to log in from anywhere and look at my documents also. They have a word APA template. It's free for students :) https://store.office.live.com/templates/APA-style-paper-TM00002033
  14. office for macbook air

    duplicate post, sorry - please delete
  15. CRN - review course?

    Has anyone taken the exam and passed that did not go to a review class? I'm hoping to go to the review class if it works in my favor at work, but just in case... I've been in Radiology 8 years, still get nervous at tests...How is the test?!