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8-ball has 13 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU, and IR.

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  1. Using RV for travel nursing housing

    I should tell you my wife and I are getting out of the whole travel thing because we are ready to settle down and make a home now but its not related to the Rv living. We are selling our truck and RV and having a house built in California. It should ...
  2. Using RV for travel nursing housing

    I travel via RV and we have done so for the last 3 years or so. I have a fifth wheel 40ft Rv and I pull it with an F350. It has been great. There has been a few times where I couldn't take an assignment because I couldn't find an Rv spot but to be ho...
  3. Per diem VS travel

    well that really depends. certs yes as long as they apply to your position. but experience can be tricky 5-15 years sure but when you get in the 20-30 years range you might run into a bit of issue 1) being age biases, assuming at that point you are ...
  4. Choosing the Right First Assignment

    It didn't use to be that way but I feel more and more I am seeing travelers on the FB groups in PACU say they are being cancelled repetitively and not getting paid. Not sure if this is a contract issue or some other problem but I haven't noticed it ...
  5. Choosing the Right First Assignment

    If it were me I would go with the actual ICU assignment. Sometimes recruiters will look at your last assignment and try to fit a round peg in a square whole. In others words if they aren't great listeners they may attempt to just use your resume as a...
  6. Per diem VS travel

    Yes it is common but even still competitive. We had 10 travelers when I started here as a traveler last year. Of that 3 took positions at the hospital here and 2 took positions at other Kaisers the others did not have desire to do that. FT positions ...
  7. Can someone send me a link or explain to me the difference in practice states (full practice, reduced practice, and Restricted) for NPs. I am hoping to go to NP school next year and I am thinking of opening up my own practice in a rural setting one d...
  8. American Nurses in U.K

    You might try this question in one of the FB groups dedicated to UK travel nursing. Sorry I have no experience in this and I doubt you will find many in this forum that do.
  9. Hospitals in LA

    I can only speak for one but Kaiser LAMC on sunset was horrible. They treat staff like complete garbage. Made me want to quit travel. Only positive is you can work all the OT you want. Pay isn't enough though to make up for housing cost. The staff wo...
  10. Cancelling a contract

    True I am thinking more on the lines of boyfriend or GF situation not fiance or husband.
  11. Cancelling a contract

    Also this time of year you can probably just buy a big tent and air bed and camp at a local state park or something like that. You will have bathroom, shower, electric and water. That should hold you over for 14 days until you have some money to put ...
  12. Travel nursing in Alaska

    I have seen a few. A travel Job group on FB reveals these but I know there are more. Rapid temps Empower nursing Faststaff Eminent Medical Allcare medical Onestaff Maxim healthcare AYA healthcare I haven't worked with any of these personally but its ...
  13. Per diem VS travel

    I think your saying what he said. I may not have made that clear but he was encouraging me to take a travel assignment as well as a per diem.
  14. Per diem VS travel

    FYI I talked to my accountant and he said I will not have to change my tax home until I have been in the area for 1 year, even if I take a travel assignment in the area as well. After the 1 year mark I will be considered a CA resident. He suggested t...
  15. Per diem VS travel

    some what yes. I will give the hospital my availability and they will either confirm my hours or not. Most of the other per diem people said they give them like 5-6 days of availability a week and they get confirmed 3-4 days (8 hour shifts) once conf...