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  1. JulieVN:)

    Put in my notice cna got me let go.

    I heard in some states if you put in your two weeks notice and they let you go they have to pay you for the two weeks.
  2. JulieVN:)

    Lvn program:concorde Arlington,tx

    As with any program its what you put into it. I had some awesome instructors and some that could have been better. I was there yesterday talking to a few people and heard them say they have a class starting soon then one in August I think. The clinicals are mostly at nursing homes but there are a few acute care places. Of all my classmates that have taken NCLEX we have all passed :)
  3. JulieVN:)

    Lvn program:concorde Arlington,tx

    Graduated* *
  4. JulieVN:)

    Lvn program:concorde Arlington,tx

    I'm in Dallas and just graduated but not from Concorde. I attended DNI. :)
  5. JulieVN:)


    Hi :) my school actually helped me with my resume but it looks awful IMO. Is there anyone willing to give me their email address so I can send them my resume and they can critique it for me?
  6. JulieVN:)


    NCLEX practice websites... Any suggestions?
  7. JulieVN:)


    NCEX practice websites... Any suggestions?
  8. JulieVN:)

    Interview: Let the waiting game begin

    Yay... Hope you get it!!
  9. JulieVN:)

    Suggestions for supplies :)

    Thx :)
  10. JulieVN:)

    Suggestions for supplies :)

    Yes :)
  11. JulieVN:)

    Suggestions for supplies :)

    Thanks :)
  12. JulieVN:)

    Suggestions for supplies :)

    What do you think is needed for nursing class other than the basic pens & paper.. Thanks :)
  13. JulieVN:)

    Starting classes 10/25.. Any advice? :)

    Thanks for the advice ladies :)
  14. JulieVN:)

    Yay... I'm starting classes on 10/25

    Thank you.. I will be sure to update!
  15. I'm so excited to finally start my classes. My first classes will be A&P & Fundamentals of Nursing. Any advice? Thanks :)
  16. I'm finally starting my nursing classes. Good luck and congrats to everyone that is going to start!