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What would you do??


Someone in my family txt me and sd that she thinks she is depressed. She sd that she used to self inflict harm but hasnt in a while and she knows that it is bad. She begged me not to tell her mom and sd she doesnt have a doctor to go to. She is also having a hard time with a breakup :( what would you say/do?

I may be posting this twice and if so Im sorry... I have a family member that called me and sd that she is depressed and that she use to self inflict harm. She sd that it has been about a month since she has done it but got upset tonight and almosg did but she has calmed down. She is having a hard time with a breakup. She begged me not to tell her mom and says she doesnt have a doctor!

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Tell the proper authorities. She has a history of self harm so she is at higher risk. What if she were to do something and you knew about but didn't tell anyone? She told you because deep down she is seeking help. Help her.

I went to her house after I spoke with her @ 2 this morning. Her mom called me and we are getting it figured out. Thanks for the advice!

Direct her to professional counseling.