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I'm so upset!! Locked out of jurisprudence exam


We have been having issues with our internet so I went to my aunts to take my jurisprudence. Well she forgot to tell mw that her laptop automatically shuts down after so long. Well it logged me out and I cant retake it for 7 days. It says on the front page of it times out or connection is lost you fail :( goos news passing nclex today and bad news failed jurisprudence!!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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I'll hope you'll have better luck 7 days from now when you retake the Jurisprudence exam, hopefully on a computer other than your aunt's laptop. Good luck to you!

Haha.. yes a totally different computer at a totally different house LOL

What is the jurisprudence test?

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A test on nursing regulations. Its in Texas not sure about other states.

bugya90, ASN, BSN, LVN, RN

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Some people in my class got locked out when we did it in 2011. Don't feel bad you are not the only one. I actually did mine at the school so I could use the wifi and used one of the desktop computers so I didn't have to worry about the battery on my laptop. That exam is more of an annoyance than anything else :)