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stimmerman BSN

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stimmerman has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med/Surg, ER.

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  1. stimmerman

    Where to go?

    I have been a Med/Surg nurse for 10 years. I have worked at my current facility for almost 7 years. I recently got my BSN and am a CMSRN. Earlier this year I was promoted to Med/Surg Manager. I know this all sounds great, but I'm really struggling to find my purpose. I'm not sure if the management scene is meant for me or if I'm just struggling to find my place in this position. I feel anxious and like I made a bad decision the majority of the time. I want to give this position a years time, but it's difficult. I would hate to leave this facility because I do truly like the people I work with. I no longer want to work at the bedside and am not sure what options I have. I am doing some job searching now, but nothing too exciting. Feel like I'm dragging my feet....
  2. stimmerman

    New Manager, HELP!

    I was recently promoted as a manager to the medical surgical unit at my current place of employment. I work at a critical access hospital and I love it and love the people I work with. I am currently going back to school online to get my BSN to further my career and education. My problem is, I am finding it difficult to step into this role. I feel I will do well, but it's quite the struggle right now. Furthermore, my previous boss is now my coworker and she can be very overbearing and negative at times. She used to manage 2 departments and I took over MedSurg from her. I would think this would be a relief, but in turn she acts as though I don't know what I am doing, which this side of things is new to me. She also double checks my decisions and offers her opinions without asking, very loudly. The oddest thing of this situation is, she is also my neighbor. I tend to find it best to avoid her and do what I feel I need to. I do not ask her advice, which is bad because she has been here such a long time. I refer to my CNO, which is wonderful. Just curious if this is normal like starting any new job? Or if I just made a HUGE mistake!? Thanks!
  3. stimmerman

    Med/Surg Certification

  4. stimmerman

    Med/Surg Certification

    I recently started a different nursing job and took the opportunity to get my med/surg certification, was so excited when I learned I passed. However, I haven't told many people at my work because I don't think others understand what this actually mean and they look at me as though I am stupid or something, so therefore I am wondering was it worth it all?? I feel like I have gained something, but at the same time it's pointless because even other nurses I work with don't get why I would want to do that?? I guess my question is was it really worth the time and money to do it?

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