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Tiffyesteban LPN

Pediatric Home Care
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Tiffyesteban has 4 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Pediatric Home Care.

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  1. Tiffyesteban

    Old credits??

    I transferred schools so my old credits show up as transferred but with 2010 date, I wonder if that will help me??
  2. Tiffyesteban

    Old credits??

    I'm hoping to start an RN bridge program January 2015. I have pre req credits starting from 2000, would that be an issue? Would I have to retake those old credits? My science credits start in 2003. TY
  3. Tiffyesteban

    FL LPN jobs

    PSA is always hiring, they are pediatric home care company. Pay is not the best and no benefits, but it is a very rewarding job.
  4. Tiffyesteban

    Pediatric Daycare Facilities

    I responded to a similar ad on craigslist, but for an LPN Job and same thing, they are not opened yet waiting for blah, blah, blah. I'm meeting them tomorrow. What area are you in, I'm in Orlando, Fl.