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Old credits??


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I'm hoping to start an RN bridge program January 2015. I have pre req credits starting from 2000, would that be an issue? Would I have to retake those old credits? My science credits start in 2003. TY

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

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You need to talk to someone at the school you want to attend to see how they handle this issue. It is very common for science & math credits to 'expire' after 5 years so you may have to retake these classes. It may end up as a positive if you make higher grades! Best of luck to you on pursuing your RN.


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Most schools have a limit on previous credits, usually 5 years. My school allows credits to be up to 30 years old if you are obtaining a second degree from the school.

You will need to look on the program's website or call the school to find out about transferring credits.

Tiffyesteban, LPN

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I transferred schools so my old credits show up as transferred but with 2010 date, I wonder if that will help me??

You'll need to send transcripts from every school. They will see the true date that each credit was obtained.