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  1. cjward3

    Holy cow! My book total is how much?!

    What books do you need? I didn't go there but I just graduated and have tons of books that I would happily get to you for much cheaper. I'm in Kittery.
  2. cjward3

    Need some New Grad advice:(

    Have you considered going to the hospital that you worked at for 7 years and working for a year or two? I'm in Maine now and got a job offer within 2 weeks (Internal Medicine). I have 10 years of LPN experience, so maybe that was part of it.
  3. Did your pre-WGU gpa factor into your ability to get into your program? I am starting WGU on 9/1, and, like everyone, hope to be done in the blink of an eye. My next goal is Frontier's WHNP/CNM program. My ADN GPA was a 3.89. Will that still help me, or do Master's programs simply look at the "most recent" GPA?
  4. cjward3

    Graduate / doctoral admissions with WGU degrees

    You all give those of us just starting out hope!
  5. Unfortunately I can't work in that setting right now. My husband is active duty and deployed. I'm at the mercy of daycare hours (M-F).
  6. Bump. Anyone?
  7. cjward3

    Quick results for a friday test?

    According to PV it's 48 business hours, but I took my test at 2PM on Friday before Memorial Day and my license was posted to my BON (maine) on Saturday morning. So, it might be quicker than expected
  8. cjward3

    Lpn Refresher course

    I don't have any advice, but I was out of the field for a few years as well and was able to find a job when I was ready to come back. I chose to go back for my RN instead of taking the job, though. It may not be as hard as you think. Have you thought about just getting a Saunders PN book for review?
  9. I'm a 10-year LPN vet and a new grad RN. I've spent the last 7 years working in SNF management. I'm a mom of two small children with no family support and a deployed active duty husband. My goal is to do FNU's WH/CNM program. All of that is to say that I recently started working again and I'm a little worried that I may be killing my chances of ever getting into acute care. I took an SDC/occ health position in an assisted living because the hours are consistent and work for my family. And, while it's great for right now, it's not my goal. OB is my passion and the only place I see myself headed. Since I'm back in management and essentially doing zero patient care am I destroying my chance of getting into a hospital setting in the future? In 2 years both of my kids will be in school and my husband will be at a non-deploying unit. In the mean time I'm starting at WGU to finish my BSN, and get myself primed for grad school. it kills me that I won't have the opportunity to do acute care before I start, though (I have zero experience, so I would never be able to commit to a preceptorship even if the goal was to try to go per diem). I worried that, in 2 years, I will have lost my chance at those "new grad" opportunities, but I'll be unattractive because I don't have acute care experience. Any insight? Things I can do now to make myself more attractive for the future?
  10. cjward3

    How I passed NCLEX RN 2015

    I winged it. My local testing center had an opening 2 days away and I figured I would give it a shot. I passed with 75 questions in about an hour. No crazy studying. I did NCLEX mastery, Saunders and LaCharity. If you have a good grasp of content then I would absolutely focus on LaCharity. Most of my exam was prioritization SATA questions. I didn't count but I'm guessing close to 50 questions were SATA. Mi took my exam within 3 weeks of graduation. I figured that if I was ever going to know the info, it would be right away. Just thought i would would piggyback on your post and share my experience as well.
  11. cjward3

    Lpn to Rn bridge Michigan

    There are lots of schools in Michigan. It depends where you are located. Is there a metro area you're looking at?
  12. cjward3

    Michigan Endorsement

    I was previously licensed as an LPN in Michigan and just transferred my license back. It took me about 4 weeks, and I had to use a third-party finger printer as well.
  13. cjward3

    My First 12 Hour Clinical Day

    Eh. Don't let jaded comments get in. There are plenty of us who still have fun EVERY day! Congrats girl!
  14. cjward3

    How long did you wait to go back to school?

    I graduated with my LPN in 2005 and am anxiously awaiting news if I was accepted into an RN bridge program to start this fall.
  15. cjward3

    Old credits??

    You'll need to send transcripts from every school. They will see the true date that each credit was obtained.
  16. cjward3

    Review Material

    I graduated from my LPN school in 2005. I worked until 2.5 years ago, when we moved to a small island off the coast of Alaska. We are returning to civilization this summer, and I have a high chance of getting into the LPN-RN bridge program I'm applying to. I am looking for a good book and possibly a youtube video series to help me refresh my memory about all those skills check-offs. Does anyone have good review material they would recommend?