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  1. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    So has everyone made their deposits? Just wondering if anyone has declined their offer. I got accepted somewhere else, but still have a little bit of hope in the alternate list for OHSU. I have another week to put my deposit elsewhere. But if anyone has openly taken other offers, it would be cool to let me know... . Congrats again to all those that got in and good luck to all future applicants. It’s just a matter of time.
  2. LouDogg

    CRNA School and Debt Advice

    Some schools are as high as $150K+ and that's not counting living expenses. Not all schools are priced as well as others.
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  4. LouDogg

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    I would contact the admissions department for information on remaining seats or alternate lists… About the interview... just be yourself.. no real way to prepare for it.. they want to know about you... Good Luck !!!!
  5. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    Just curious. How much is the deposit to hold the seat? And has everybody submitted theirs already?
  6. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    Looks like I’m an alternate. Just got an email today. She asked if I had any questions. I asked how many alternates there were and what number I was, if she was able to tell me... what a rollercoaster of emotions. Anyone here know if they might decline their offer? Asking for a friend... lol
  7. LouDogg

    Jefferson CRNA 2019

    I have an interview on the 26th. I chose one of the latest dates available. They’ll probably give offers after those last interviews are done, I assume.
  8. LouDogg

    CRNA advice

    You can google ‘CRNA schools by state’ and try to find something in your area. There are many variables. Are you able to keep your child in the home you mortgage and relocate only yourself for school? Is there someone to take of the kid at your current home, or are you a single parent and the child comes with you? It Seems that most people have to relocate to find a school they qualify for that will also accept them. You may be able to find and be accepted by a local program, but due to the nature of difficulty in being accepted by a university, people often relocate wherever they get accepted. I have heard of one parent relocating for a program while the other parent stays back. Taking a nine-year-old could be difficult unless you have help living with you that could take care of the child (take to school, functions, Doctor, Feeding meals, etc). Many Programs also require that you relocate for the program and then relocate (sometimes multiple times) to different states during certain semesters to fulfil cases needed to graduate. It’s normal for Programs to contract with hospitals in neighboring states and send students out to practice for 6-12 weeks at a time then come back to main campus. You’ll be moving there and back, so a child in school might have issues with that. Furthermore, you typically cannot work during the program, so plan to live on savings, inheritance, student loans, grants, credit cards, Sugga momma, or a combination of the aforementioned. I’ll likely sell my home and use the equity to live and not work for a few years. Then I’ll have to mortgage another property when I’m done with the program and making money again. I won’t be able to keep up my mortgage and do not want to risk losing my house all together. I have no kids, so the wife and dog are just gonna get dragged along with me.... wifey is a trooper and supportive so that goes a long way for my situation. Everybody has a unique situation. I’m sure people in your situation have done it, somewhere, but you’ll likely need some help... I know I would.. Good luck!
  9. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    and NOW the site comes back up.... FML ….lol I have been dying for contact with you people or even my access to my PMs... Didn't realize how much I utilize thiss site til now.. ANyhoo… I'm sorry to hear you feel that way, but you probably did better than you think....the interview actually went really well... I think I nailed all their personal questions and all their physio stuff. One dude kept delving in, and I kept giving it to him... lol In retrospect, I think I did well... but we won't know til the "16th earliest or 18th latest"
  10. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    AhHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! I got an interview!!!! WTFFFGGFFFFF??!?!? I got the email yesterday, but didn't see it... I was never expecting this with my experience being so much less than most people I see around here, but OMG!!!! They gave me 1/14/19. So no choice but dang.. I have no problems with taking off days or calling out... so I'll call out the entire week if they won't change my schedule... lol
  11. LouDogg

    Westminster Nurse Anesthesia 2018

    I'm sorry to hear that. I know it must have been a whole ordeal interviewing and traveling. Ugh... well best of luck with other programs. I know it won't be long til you're enrolled somewhere. i got my rejection email today as well... ...on to the next
  12. LouDogg

    Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

    This has nothing to do with coworker boundaries and everything to do with your marital issues. If you did truly respect your wife's feelings, my opinion is, you wouldn't consider honoring those feelings as "catering to illogical fear and irrational gender bias." I think that mindset is going to create a permanent dissociation and inability to actually consider her feelings or how you should react/honor them. These are old coworkers and really have no place in your future if you are off to work somewhere else. While keeping them as professional contacts may be pertinent to your career in future endeavors, having a group of women over for dinner and drinks is probably low on the importance-of-life scale--especially considering the obvious rift it will cause in your relationship. #myopinion
  13. LouDogg

    Westminster Nurse Anesthesia 2018

    cricket.... cricket... cricket....
  14. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    LOL!!!! (well, you won't find me in Utah...)
  15. LouDogg

    OHSU Summer 2019

    The deadline just passed and I haven't been able to find a thread on the 2019 Oregon Health & Science University CRNA program. I know It's competitive, SO I figure there are more than a few applicants on this site that would like to learn/share information about this term's application process. I just applied, I have good grades but only minimal ICU experience time. Hope you all would consider sharing any thoughts or insight. Thank you.