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Nativejenny has 25 years experience and specializes in MDS.

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  1. Nativejenny

    Recognition of illness/condition by smell?

    Cliff for sure, no mistaking it.
  2. Nativejenny

    What Can You Say to the Family When Your Patient Dies?

    It's never easy and I've had to do it many times. I tell them I'm sorry their loved one has passed. If it was expected I tell them it was a peaceful death and they didn't suffer. I provide privacy, provide tissues and drinks. I also thank them for allowing me to take care of their loved one.
  3. Nativejenny

    What is the average MDS coordinator to Resident ratio?

    We average 100-103 residents and I'm the only MDS person
  4. Nativejenny

    Who's in the driver's seat? Therapy or MDS

    I've always been told that MDS is "in charge" if you will, as far as leading, setting ARD's, especially the 5 day, etc...99% of the time we use the 8th day. I set a 5 day up and I got a semi nasty email telling me to hold off, that the therapy manager would tell me when the 5 day would be. My problem is, if I don't set it up soon enough I'm risking default. How early do you all set up your 5 day assessments? I never had this issue until a new therapy manager started.
  5. Nativejenny

    Psychotic disorders

    I personally don't check the psychosis box unless there is a dx specifying it's presence.
  6. Nativejenny

    How Long Did It Take To Have A Good Grasp of MDS/RNAC Job?

    I would suggest that you get out of there. The place sounds highly disfunctional.
  7. Nativejenny

    Care plan question

    I feel your pain. I had a state surveyor look me in the eye and say "if your care plans weren't so detailed, we couldn't have picked them apart for discrepancies." She suggested "pain med as ordered" vs Duragesic patch etc... She also said "your care plans should be generically specific" whatever that means. Our administrator believes more is better, therefore, I am in the process of revamping all of our care plans. It made it a little easier to create templates. Once again I feel your pain.
  8. Nativejenny

    Ancillary help

    Well nobody offered any advise so I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with social services, activities and dietary. They are now doing their part and I'm a happy and not overwhelmed camper.
  9. Nativejenny

    New to MDS, need input about CAAs!

    I would wonder about a facility that would put a brand new nurse in a MDS position. Nothing against you. You just don't have any work experience to draw on.
  10. Nativejenny

    Thinking about MDS career

    I'm in agreement with you HeyHey. Almost all of the MDS nurses I know are LPN's with many years of experience. Never pulled to the floor-ever.
  11. Nativejenny

    Thinking about MDS career

    Not true
  12. Nativejenny

    Ancillary help

    I'm just wondering how many others have to "hound" other departments in order to get their sections done? I know its not a new topic but it's getting really old. How can they say they're busy with other things or conveniently forget their sections are due. I feel like I spoon feed them with their monthly calendar reminders along with the weekly care plan reminders. Then I end up having to do their CAA's and care plans. Is that what everyone else does?
  13. Nativejenny

    Indiana MDS nurses

    I'm possibly making a move to Indiana. Here in Missouri I make just under $24 an hour doing MDS/care plans. Does anyone know the average salary for the same job in Indiana? I can't see taking a huge pay cut. Thanks