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I'm just wondering how many others have to "hound" other departments in order to get their sections done? I know its not a new topic but it's getting really old. How can they say they're busy with other things or conveniently forget their sections are due. I feel like I spoon feed them with their monthly calendar reminders along with the weekly care plan reminders. Then I end up having to do their CAA's and care plans. Is that what everyone else does?


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Well nobody offered any advise so I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with social services, activities and dietary. They are now doing their part and I'm a happy and not overwhelmed camper.


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I've had this issue with the building I work for now and the building I worked at previously. The previous building was small and mostly LTC and I would provide a monthly calendar as well as a weekly. It doesn't help though. You can only hound so much. If an assessment was due and they hadn't done their sections I would end up doing it for them. In my new building it's much more fast paced and there are 2 of us in the position. The girl I work with told me she does all the sections because she wasn't able to get the other departments to submit on time or at all. That being said, I do all the sections now. Care plans I do only if I reference them in my CAAs. The only way to get the departments to do their sections is by there being consequences for not doing them ie. write ups from the administrator or whomever. If your okay with making waves (which personally I wasn't) then more power to you. You have a job just like everyone else.

BTW, I did the whole bad cop, come to jesus, ect. multiple times...after a while it would go back to the same ol' BS of "oh sorry I forgot..." blah blah blah.