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  1. Chicago SRNA Hopeful - 2017

    Hey all - Who is all applying to the Chicago CRNA schools? I'm applying to all three - Rush, Rosalind, and Northshore. Figured we could chat here for support and updates through the process! Anyone currently in the programs who would be willing t...
  2. CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    Furix01 - Yes, I was accepted at NorthShore.
  3. CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    Anyone who has any questions for NorthShore can PM me. :)
  4. CRNA at University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne, IN

    This is a brand new program - you are interviewing for the first nurse anesthesia class! Last I heard, the accreditation process was being conducted and they should hear their results in the Spring sometime! Let us know how your interview goes! I hav...
  5. Chem requirements for admission

    I was in the same boat as you. I took Elementary and Organix BioChem (for my Organic Chem requirement for my program) and it was definitely manageable. 100% online and I got a Good grade. Only ever took my chemistry in undergrad that was a catch all ...
  6. BAD CREDIT & CRNA School

    I don't think you need to have rockstar credit for graduate loans but you don't want to have bad credit. Have you ever filed for bankruptcy or have any delinquencies or public records on your account? If you don't, I wouldn't think it would be a big ...
  7. Rush University Medical Center Pay

    Hey there - I will be happy to answer any of your questions about Rush and pay. Let me know if you have any questions. :) I would prefer not to put it on the public forum but I am happy to answer in private and give you more details.
  8. Rosalind Franklin 2017

    Where are you from? My friend is also starting the program in May! I would be happy to give her your contact information or vise versa if you are interested. She found out she was accepted first week of January! PM me :)
  9. Fundamental OChem

    Weber State University has a Chem 1120, which is Organic/Bio Chem. I would definitely recommend if your program accepts it. Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. About prerequisite "Organic Chemistry I"

    Weber State - although the lab is not separate, it is entirely online and the lab portion actually helps boost your grade. I would recommend it! You do have to have 4 exams proctored, but you can bring a page of notes with you! Lmk if you have any qu...
  11. Graduate level Nursing Theory and Research courses

    Can you take courses at the school you were accepted to? I am able to at my program before matriculation. However, if you take them elsewhere, I would just make sure they will transfer before hand. Rush offers student at large classes including a res...
  12. current Icu job vs new

    I would ask your old manager for your LOR instead of the new manager. This is what I did, since I was in pretty much your exact same circumstance! All of my employment related LOR came from my previous job. I had a new job about 7 months before my fi...
  13. Australia Connections

    Hi All!!! I'm looking to connect with a few people in Australia. Anyone with an open mind who is willing to chat with me?? I have a few questions for you and also wanted to share an awesome opportunity. Please comment or message me on here! Thank...
  14. Chicago SRNA Hopeful - 2017

    Congrats!!! When is your interview? Message me and we can chat if you would like.. I actually have a lot of friends in the program at rush so happy to try to answer any questions you may have!
  15. Vasopressin

    Yup! Definitely different depending on where you go :)
  16. Vasopressin

    Titration of vasopressin is allowed at my facility, per nursing judgement. I have had patients on vasopressin for much longer than 24 hours, definitely depends on the patient.
  17. Vasopressin

    I agree that this would be wasteful when using vasopressin at the 0.01-0.04 units per minute typical dosing. However, when using the GI hemorrhage dosing of 0.2-0.4 units per minute, it would not be wasteful. 0.4 units/hr in a 40unit per 100ml bag g...
  18. Rush University CRNA Interview

  19. Rush University CRNA Interview

    You already heard from Rush? When is your interview?
  20. CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    End of June! Sent you a PM!
  21. CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    Yeah! They have sent out some interview invites, for the first round anyway.. They are extending invites through the whole month of May and maybe even beginning of June, I believe.. They interview June and July. :)
  22. Chicago SRNA Hopeful - 2017

    Yes! I found out the other day.. When is your coworkers interview? Maybe we are the same day.. You def still have time for Rosalind and Rush.. Did you take the GRE get? Sorry you missed the Northshore deadline..
  23. Chicago SRNA Hopeful - 2017

    Just sent you an email!
  24. Chicago SRNA Hopeful - 2017

    Yes! I actually am taking a class right now.. If you want more details about that, send me a PM.. I have had concerns about that too(not having credits transfer) but I am taking my first class now, so I will know before my second class if I am in the...
  25. CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

    Iculvr - have you heard anything from Northshore yet?